Ivory paddy with shiny gold hardware = fake?

  1. Just curious, is there an ivory paddy with shiny gold hardware ever? Sorry I don't have a picture but I remember reading in the reference library that fakes have shiny hardware. Saw a girlfriend with an ivory paddy with shiny gold hardware - didn't want to be rude so I didn't ask. Thanks.
  2. The brass hardware is never shiny. It has an oxidized top layer that gives it a dull matt finish. Having said that, though, a lot of that oxidized layer has come off the loop of my blanc Paddy's lock, giving it a shiny appearance, but you can tell that's because the coating has come off. But a genuine Chloe brass padlock should never be shiny throughout.
  3. Yeah - it's the blinging, in-your-face shiny brassware that sets the fakes apart from the genuine bags. Not just on the padlocks, but all over - the studs, Chloe plate etc.

    One of my padlocks is rubbing off a bit, and yes, it is slightly shiny underneath, but nothing like the fakes.

    The genuine padlocks have a tendency to 'peel' and look patchy rather than look shiny all over, even after a lot of wear.

    You'd be able to tell a mile off.:yes:

    Genuine bag
    eBay.co.uk: AUTH CHLOE PADDINGTON BAG MASTIC AUTUMN 06 HANDBAG MPRS (item 270053650353 end time 20-Nov-06 14:10:22 GMT)

    Fake bag
    eBay.co.uk: 100%Brand New Authentic CHLOE Paddington Bag (item 290052076039 end time 20-Nov-06 21:44:57 GMT)
  4. Thanks Roxane and Chicky - unfortunately the hardware on my friend's bag was shiny all the way around! The leather didn't look right either but I didn't want to be rude by staring or asking questions about where she got her bag. I know she got ripped off last time when she bought a BBag - she thought she got a great deal by buying a First for $800 online. This was before I got to know BBags and could tell the fakes from the real. She truly believes her bag is real but unfortunately it has a dead-give away, and the leather has started to wear/peel off. Anyway ... I guess I should just keep my mouth shut but I feel bad that she doesn't even know she got ripped off!