Ivory Paddy on NM

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  1. I just saw them on NM for 1500. Hurry and get it while it's there!
  2. Gone!
  3. Thanks for the headsup! Too bad they are gone :sad:
  4. I saw a whiskey paddington on NM today too. I've been undecided about the paddington for me....but decided I love the bag soo I swooped it up. I was shocked to see a whiskey "in stock". I just had to get it. :shame:
  5. Aww, congrats Ginger!! I had the whiskey and loved the color. I ended up returning it when I decided the ivory one was better suited for me.
  6. I have a daughter older than many of you guys on the list (who's not into bags) so I really am stretching this paddington thing for me. However, I've been going back and forth with it for over six months. I love the bag, look great for my age, and I'll carry it with confidence. Who knows I might start a trend with the over 50 crowd. :biggrin: The Ivory is just beautiful; I know you're enjoying it. Thanks for the congrats...it really is a congrats because I was on the waiting list and got off in Dec...just didn't feel it was right for me.
  7. Ooh lucky you! Congratulations Ginger!:biggrin:
  8. Good on you, Ginger! I have the Whiskey and am loving it! You'll just adore yours:smile:) Let us know when u get her! Hey we should all form the Whiskey Paddy alliance, lol! I think there are quite a few of us here with this colour.
  9. I love the color...I really glad I ordered it after months of saying it's too trendy for me. :amuse: Now I can't wait to get it. Does NM take a long time to ship?????
  10. I have not ordered a bag from NM, but the other items I have ordered from them usually arrive in a day or two...really fast, even with standard shipping. So with any luck you can have it tomorrow or Monday! Please post pics!!! :love: :nuts:
  11. :love:
    Exciting...I hate waiting for stuff. I will post pics...:biggrin: Such a good day!!!

  12. I'm in that,er, crowd somewhere and never gave it a second thought!
    I wear what I like. Saw the cream Paddy last year and had to move heaven and earth to get it.
    One of my favorites now. But then all my bags are favorite for different reasons :biggrin:

    ENJOY that Paddy!
  13. I'm 51 and love my choco paddy. I was out in the city today and I saw every kind of bag but the paddy and everyone was starring at me and every SA complimented my great style. Wear it well over 50!
  14. You go girl! I love that you are carrying a paddy!