Ivory Paddy @ NM.com -- or is it craie?

  1. Check it out! $1500

    Neiman Marcus  - Paddington Satchel

    My big question here is what color is it really? The item description says chalk (craie, right?) and then cream (blanc, yes?) but the color choice says Ivory (ack!). :wtf:

    Someone please buy this and tell us if the edgework is really as light as it looks!! :angel:
  2. I remember seeing the photo of someone's Paddy on this forum that has lightish edgework like that.
  3. It isn't the Craie.
    I have the Craie and the edging is tan.
  4. You and Sonja have the most stunning craie bags!! :heart:

    But what color is this one???


  5. Thanks hmwe:flowers:
    ....And honestly your blanc is one of the most prettiest & loviest blanc I've ever seen :love: :P
  6. That NM paddy looks so different when compared to other cream/white shades so I wonder if it could be vanilla from first batch? I havent ever seen them IRL so this is just a guess :shrugs: