Ivory or White?

  1. Hi ladies. Which one would you go for, Ivory or White Work in RH? Please Vote.:s
  2. I would have to vote for Ivory. I prefer an off-white. I don't know, I guess white is just too....white, lol. I've always been too scared to carry a white bag and for some reason I'm not scared carrying my Ivory bag.
  3. I vote for ivory as well, but it depends on what you are going to wear it with. Some light colors look best with white.
  4. I prefer Ivory too!
  5. I vote for Ivory!!:tup:
  6. Thank you everyone. I just recieved the ivory yesterday. I ordered without seeing in IRL. My first sight was I didn't like the yellowish in it. But, the more I look at it the better it looks. I'm now tossing back and forth between returning for the white or even natural or keeping it.
  7. I like the creaminess of ivory which looks so chic, the stark white can be a bit unflattering. Can you perhaps post a modeling pic?
  8. I have a RH Ivory Day, and a GGH White Hobo I just purchased.

    I live in the NE, and would wear the Ivory Day all year, but only wear the White hobo from sometime in May through maybe September. That is how I justify having both!
  9. I'm voting for IVORY! :o) Good luck!
  10. I also vote for Ivory! I think it would be a little more versatile and slightly (but not by much!) to keep clean!
  11. IVORY but with gold hardware.:tup:
  12. I'm quite surprise that all fo you voted for ivory. That makes me feel much better. I'm still listen to all of your opinions. Thank you.
  13. I have both ivory and white cities. I prefer the ivory.
  14. I had an Ivory, exchanged it. I love Ivory bags but I didn't care for Balenciaga's Ivory. It looked like a mottled, yellowed white. Like buttered popcorn. It's not any easier to keep clean than white. The 2007 whites are sort of an off white. The new s/ 2008 are bright white like s/s 2006 and they are gorgeous!
  15. Ivory!! straight up white is kinda of scary...it's so white haha. its like "im gonna get dirty soon and everyone can see it" and it's really reflective in the sun lol.