Ivory or desert of sienna?

  1. Which color is more beautiful on sienna? That's gonna be my First Kooba.
  2. Just for your information, if someone are interested: There are on sale at NM & BG for $208. Good deal, right?
  3. Great deal! I had seen that too and ordered one in desert for myself (and posted in deals/steals). The ivory is no longer available. I've never had an ivory or cream colored Kooba so I don't have any personal experience with wear and tear; I do know some have said that their ivory Koobas pick up color/get dirty very very quickly. Also, the same complaint has been made about the desert. But, for that price, I'm going to give the desert a try.
  4. Thanks rachelinla! Awesome deal. I'm going to stick with my choice of desert, as I'm just too concerned about how quickly I'll dirty the ivory. I think it'll be my summer brown bag. I already own a Sienna in espresso (love it, btw) and it is a pretty casual bag. Looks great with jeans. I'm afraid using the ivory bag for casual daily wear will cause it to get really dirty really fast. Though for that price . . . (smiles evil smile).
  5. I have a desert Scarlett. The colour isnt as much hard work as I thought. I have sprayed it a few times with Kiwi leather protector though.

    Its a great casual summer shade but I also think that the shade will 'age' nicely too. :yes:
  6. I would suggest using Appleguard or some such product and spray it several times.

    And I checked today, both colors are gone.
  7. I got a Sienna in desert last year and I love it but my only comment is the leather patina'd pretty quickly on the shoulder straps. I didn't use any leather protector, but don't normally get that light of a color bag to be honest. I am going to stick with dark brown or black koobas going forward!