Ivory in fall/winter?

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  1. I know ivory is typically a spring/summer thing... so would it be totally rediculous to wear an ivory flap in fall/winter? I want one more than anything for my first Chanel but my mom keeps telling me my first should be black since its timeless but i just love ivory! Help! What do you chanel experts think?:shrugs:
  2. No way, ivory is also called winter white for a reason! I love my ivory expandable and think of it as a winter bag since during spring/summer I wear my all white bags!

    Here is my "ivory" or winter white bag. It has winter written all over it!

    Im no Chanel expert but your words "I just ove ivory" makes me say go for the Ivory!! Get black next!

  3. I agree, ivory bags are beautiful any day of the year! Just be careful regarding color transfer...I always have this problem!! :sad:
  4. O no color transfer! do you mean color of clothing kind of bleeding onto the bag? Would it be to dangerous for me to get ivory since i wear mostly dark fade jeans?
  5. That's what I'm talking about...not just clothing but also stains from your skin, lotion, etc. (especially on the handles). Maybe Luccibag has a secret she can share regarding how to prevent it!! I have ruined my light colored Fendi spy and Balenciaga bags with this color transfer problem (I only have black Chanel bags for this reason)....
  6. Hm, I use my bags, but I do periodically look them over and if I see any spot or hint of color transfer, I clean and condition it off. My ivory bag had some dark spots on the corners the other day (gasp) and I got it completely off with some Meltonian neutral shoe polish. Works like a charm. Balenciaga is harder to keep clean due to the fact that most of them are handbags and their handles always darken really bad. All my Chanel bags are shoulder bags so that helps a LOT. Plus chain straps and caviar are pretty dirty proof.
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    Absolutely! Ivory in Winter is the same as Winter White! And one of my favorite looks. Here's me and my winter white bag with a winter white coat.

  8. I wear my "winter white"caviar flap during the winter...infact I've been using it all week!
  9. I strongly believe in Winter White; enjoy your ivory/white Chanel.
  10. I love this colour combo
  11. I think Ivory is great in winter, less expected than black & ivory contrasts nicely with dark clothing. Plus it is a perfect neutral. I own an ivory bag (not Chanel, it's Marc Jacobs) and just take care to "inspect" it and clean any dirt as soon as possible. If you got a flap in black would you still want it in ivory? For what it cost, you should get the one you love, not the one that you are "supposed" to get.
  12. I love using my '05 ivory (which Chanel calls light beige) caviar jumbo in the fall/winter! It looks great against dark coats. :smile:
  13. Ivory is gorgeous, especially with a chocolate brown outfit in the winter.
  14. I too agree - Ivory or Winter White - call it what you like but just wear it and enjoy!!!!