Ivory gauffre - pics!!!

  1. Oh lord I did it. :smile: Take a look at this beauty! as soon as I opened the box, my heart sank a little bit because the leather on this one is more putty than ivory, like they are on the neiman's picture; you'll see. The card says the color is "lavanda" instead of ivory? not sure if I'm keeping it, but I HAD to see her in real life!!! bear with me, we did taxes today and I needed a happy break...

    anyway, on with the pics - sorry in advance for the watermarks, but I had to, I'm 'noid. :p :


    pretty inside lining!!


    and look -- it came with a canvas strap instead of the leather one :confused1: :


    a close-up:


    and last, an inside no-flash shot showing how dark the leather parts look in regular light. Also I see what someone meant when they said the handles won't lie down flat - it wouldn't bother me (they are soooooo soft!!) but they don't lie flat:

  2. Ooh!i Love It!!
  3. Gorgeous!!!
  4. I like the shady contrast between leather handles and the rest of the bag.
  5. I love it too....Got a modeling pic? Is this bag nylon? How would you keep it clean?

  6. I agree with Breena. I like the contrast in color between the handles and the bag. It makes it more interesting. It might be too monochromoatic if they were the same color. The ivory color of the bag is really lovely for spring. Congrats!
  7. I think it's really, really beautiful!!! I'm in love with these gauffre bags--the color on this one is delicious!
  8. Jill, judebabe, thanks, I love it too!

    breena and roxmdav123, y'all are right, the more I look at it the more I love the shady contrast between the leather and the PERFECT shade of ivory of the bag! It was just a little jolt of shock when I first opened the box because the photo on the NM site shows a much lighter, more yellow color for the straps.

    Emmy, thank you too! but no, I'm not comfortable with modeling pics... until I can borrow your adorable Shirley Templesque grandaughter!! This gauffre is the same size as the brown one padparasha has modeled in other threads, if that helps. Oh yeah it's nylon, see below.. How will I keep it clean? I dunno! by staring at it alot?!! hahaha! Actually Jill says these aren't too hard to keep clean, and I plan on taking real good care of it.

    snowwhite, I'm in love with it too! I wasn't really planning on keeping her cos she is soooooooo expensive, but you know what is nice about these bags? You truly get what you pay for -- they are well-made and well-designed and every detail is just PERFECT! The leather straps and handles are to die for, they are so soft and squishy to the feel. The buckles are a nice brushed metal color, nothing garish - the hardware is all solid as can be. The color is beautiful too, just a top notch production here! I don't think I can send her back!!!!

    super close-up, :heart: :

  9. Gorgeous! Congratulations!
  10. I LOVE this bag! it's light enough for summer but dark enough to be almost "winter white". A great all-around bag!
  11. That bag is gorgeous! Congrats
  12. so cute!Congratulations!
  13. OMG!

    Your bag is TDF!
  14. I want this bag or a version bad! Congrats.
  15. the color is amazing! :love: