Ivory Epi...so, what's the deal?

  1. There has been a lot of discussions about the SS07 collection but not as much about the new "white" Epi bags.

    So, is the colour going to be snow white (bright white) or ivory (off white)?

    Also, are ALL the bags going to be produced in this new colour...?
    If so, I may have to add a white Epi Segur PM to my to buy list for this summer...

  2. a white speedy would be lovely for me too!
  3. According to my SA, not all bags will be produced in this colour.
  4. It is actually Ivory, an off white...very close to the shuali white...and not all styles will be availabe, the most notable missing ones are, no speedy 30, only 25, no bucket, and no noe...only the petite noe.
  5. Sorry, just reread your post...segur is not being produced either :sad:
  6. Only a petit noe? How disappointing. :sad:
  7. What about the Jasmin? :nuts:
  8. Yes, Jasmin was on the list :smile:
  9. White epi. Stain danger!!!
  10. I put myself down for the soufflout and the petit noe. I will have to decide when they come in which one I like best. I think it's going to be beautiful!
  11. When is it coming out, does anyone know?
  12. April 1, I think.
  13. im calling my store right now to be waitlisted for the speedy
  14. my store doesnt know when they will be released or what styles re available (philippines). do you guys know the release date for asia???? is it true no speedy 30????
  15. Thanks, twink. I can't wait!:yahoo: