Ivory Epi questions...

  1. Can someone please tell me how the Ivory Epi Speedy & Alma lining is? Is it canvas or alacantra? And what color? Also will they be making it with gold hardware? Thanks!
  2. yes, i also want to know if they are making it in gold hardware. :yes:
  3. I don't think they make epi w/ gold hw anymore.
  4. Both bags has alcantara lining and hardware is titanium.
  5. Thanks pinkiwhatever99, is it white alacantra?
  6. The Ivorie Speedy is lined in light grey canvas.Below are pics from e-boutique ;) The Alma is lined in alcantra not sure what colour but I would think light grey as well.
  7. ugh! too bad they don't make Epi with gold hardware anymore. :shrugs: