**ivory Epi Owners!!!**

  1. Hi everyone! i've been agonizing over the alma in either epi white or damier. i love love lovee the alma in ivory, it's so elegant looking! the SA was telling me how the color transfer of jeans to the bag is easy and that it can get scratched easily as well..

    is there anything you ivory epi owners do to keep your bags nice and new looking?? or any personal experiences on your bags? is it really that sensitive? do the handles get dirty easily?? TIA!!!
  2. the ivory is susceptible to color transfer (from new jeans, unclean hands, PEN) but appleguard will help ward off some stains.
  3. do you know how it is with jeans that have been washed a few times??
  4. Hmm I've never had a problem with color transfer on my ivorie epi ....maybe don't wear with really dark rinse denim?
  5. I haven't had a problem w/ my Ivorie epi bags (knock on wood:sweatdrop:) BUT I switch bags often (I only use the Ivorie 1-2 days at a time)...