Ivory Epi or Damier Azur Speedy

  1. I purchased an Azur Speedy 25 one year ago and I am afraid to use it! It is packed away in my closet waiting for "the perfect day." Two things bother me (despite how much I love it) -

    1. The vachetta changing colour when it patinas
    2. Getting it dirty

    Now I am wondering if I should sell and purchase an Epi Speedy - ivory?

    Which is cuter and what should I Do!!!???
  2. I recently sold my Azur Speedy 25 for the same reason. I'd had it since early November and only carried it for 3 days. I felt like it was too high maintenance to really enjoy. Plus, a 25 is a tight fit for me. I have an ebone damier speedy 30 which is great. No fuss and holds a ton!

    I wouldn't necessarily buy an ivory speedy either. I tend to stay away from light colored bags. But I guess if I had to choose I'd go with Epi.
  3. If you are not using it sell it for sure. Get something you will use. It is a waste if it is not being used.
  4. If you're not going to use it, then definitely sell it! Are you going to be reluctant to use an ivory bag too, though? Epi is pretty sturdy so it shouldn't be a problem, but you might also want to consider a darker bag.
  5. I also have the damier ebony...most of my bags are dark...I was drawn to the azur because it is so pretty - I wonder if the ivory would be as pretty against a spring or summer outfit or whether it would look hard and boxy
  6. Sell it! If its tucked away in your closet..then you should definetly sell it and get a new one.. and about the the ivory epi its pretty but you dont want to do the same thing with it! So...maybe a darker color would work for you.
  7. I have the Azur and the Ivory (among other speedys!) and I used them both... Azur for daily (mostly during the summer) use, fmostly informal. The ivory is a bit more "serious" and I usually use it for office, meetings, dinners, occasions where I'm more dressed up.
    I find the vachetta quite nice and it's still not very honey-ish but I really don't mind... just a question of taste!!
    So I agree that you should sell the bag if you are not giving it any use and you don't like the vachetta.
  8. I use my azur all the time primarily in the summer, don't be afraid - it doesn't get dirty that easily ! :yes:
  9. I kinda think canvas and Epi are different. It's not just a colour thing (both colours are lovely), it's a style thing as well. I think the canvas can be dressed up or down. While Epi can as well (I dress my Epis down all the time), it is primarily a more formal bag. Even the stiffness of the Epi is more formal, while the "saggyness" of the canvas is more casual. KWIM? My vote is for the Azur speedy.
  10. If you haven't used it for a year, then definitely sell it to someone that will enjoy it and you get something you are not afraid to use. The Epi Ivory might get dirty too ... how about the Damier Ebene instead?
  11. Yes
  12. I love both and have both and have no dirtiness problems... To me, they're equal ...
  13. if you are too afraid to use the azur, then it's possible you might be too afraid to use the epi once you buy it. the epi is a shade of white, so it's going to show dirt and scuffs.

    i'm the same way: i love the look of lighter bags, but i'm afraid to use them, so i stopped buying them.

    if you're positive the epi will be used, then you should get it - but only if you're sure you'll use it.

    good luck deciding and keep us posted!
  14. Sell it if you don't use it.... Get something that you like and would use...!! Maybe a Damier Speedy instead or an Epi Speedy? They are delicious too...
    Good luck!
  15. That is the exact reason why I'm in the market for a used one in that same style! I find if I buy a used one, maybe I wouldn't be so reluctant to use it! Since you've already had it for a year though, I suggest you break it in!