Ivory? Cream? Paddington

  1. I'm a Paddington free girl who is thinking of diving in.
    I am interested in the lightest coloured bag, which isn't quite white?

    What do you girls find is your fav. sized Paddington? I don't care about weight, I have a MJ Quilted Venetia (Fall, so filled with suede) which I'm guessing weighs about 10 pounds empty.

    I'm also really scared of buying a fake on eBay but I'm desperate enough to look! Any early warning signs I should be looking for on fakes?

    I've recently sold my Calcaire Balenciaga first and I'm in need of a void filler...

    ... thanks in advance to anyone willing to ramble a bit about this piece for my sake!! :love:
  2. Ivory/Cream or Sable would be great colors. Sable has a soft pink tones to it that reminds me of the Calcaire.

    Couple Things to look out for in fakes:

    1. Overly stiff leather. Paddies typically slump in the middle.
    2. Smooth leather - Paddies typically have pebbled leather. I believe it's buffalo hyde.
    3. Shiny leather - Paddies are not shiny. Only ones that seem to have some shine to them are the metallic ones.
    4. The lock. Definitely compare these with a real one. If you need pics of one, feel free to PM me.

    Chloe, unfortunately, isn't exactly hmmm... have consistent details throughout, so that makes it difficult to write rules for. Usually, where fakers get it wrong is with the first two foremost.

    And of course, feel free to post here! We all love to comment. :flowers:
  3. Thank you this was very helpful!
  4. Please do post anything you're considering, winona, the fakes have gotten sooooo good it's frightening!

    Also, the edge stain should not be the same color as the leather of the bag.
  5. I have the ivory and I adore it. :heart:

    Its a perfect shade. Not too light, no "yellow" undertones.
  6. I am expecting my first paddy to arrive next week in cream.

    Its used but its appears to be in great conditon. I really like the color b-cuz it not too light.

    Here's a few pics taken by the seller. She also took a pic of it next to the ivory paddy to show the difference. The one I bought is on the right.
    I prefer the cream/yellow tones overthe ivory IMO.


  7. oh my gosh, i was looking at the exact same paddy.. hehehe, i am glad that u got it.. let me know if the color is just perfect...
  8. Sometimes, my eyesight must be a little different from everyone else's. When I got the ivory, I returned it because I saw too much yellow tones, but then seeing it next to your cream... no doubt, which one has yellow tones: the cream! :flowers: The ivory is the only bag that I returned that I completely regret doing so! Ah well!
  9. I never meant to insult anyone's taste. :flowers:

    I should have posted.....FOR ME....I prefer my off-white (ivory, cream, whatever you want to call it.) without yellow undertones. I like yellows, just not in my off-whites. :graucho:

    Just a personal preference.

    iluvbags, your bag posted here looks more "tan" to me. But pictures and monitors are different.

    For the record....I just love the bag....in any color.:heart:
  10. I don't think you were insulting anyone, were you? :flowers: So did you notice the yellow tones in the ivory too? I had waited for the bag for about 4 months and I was so excited when it shipped. Then I opened it and I saw all this yellow in the ivory, I was so crushed, so I returned it. At the time I posted, it seemd like no one else saw yellow tones in the ivory, that's why I made the statement. Now seeing everyone else's pictures though makes me wish I hadn't returned it. :shame: If only I could have a paddy of every color and a Balenciaga of every color. :love:

  11. It is kind of hard to tell in pics. The color is called cream. Hopefully I willl like it in person as much as I do in pics. Stay tuned.......
  12. See..that would be the perfect solution. :yahoo:

    Then no one would have to debate color. You just pick the color that works for you at that moment!
  13. I have the lighter one and I just adore it:heart: :love: :heart:
  14. I think the first pic Iluvbags posted is taupe, not cream....I could be mistaken though. I'm not sure about the 2nd pic, is it the same bag?
  15. I love that ivory paddington! Just gorgeous!!!