Ivory City or Step?

  1. Hi all! I love the ivory bags I have seen IRL so far! The leather is thick, smooshy and distressed! The color is so pretty - just like vanilla ice cream. I have been trying to find the perfect white bag for quite a while and I think ivory is finally it.

    Question: do I go for the smooshy, distressed rh city my local Saks has in their trunkshow here or do I order an ivory step from Aloha Rag? Which style to you prefer? Step or City? I have sold quite a few of my bal bags, the only other rh city I have currently is my greige, which I absolutely adore! My other step bag is black.

    BTW, if I get an ivory bag I will definitely return my jaune step.... two bags from f/w are my absolute limit! Plus the ivory leather I have seen is much thicker and smooshier than any rh jaune bags i have seen.

  2. Good question - hm I really like the step better so I vote for the step! A size you can take anywhere!
  3. A step will be a classy and timeless bag. If you're going to go with the city and get giant, get it in silver.
  4. I'm voting for the city simply coz I prefer the city over the step style (so far)... but I do envision the step in ivory to be TDF! sorry, not much help there! a city is classic, but I guess if you already have a light city, such as the greige, then why not go for a ivory step? since you be returning the jaune if you get it? and also coz you've got the black step coming... depends on which style you love more I guess... oops have i just gone around in circles and asked you the same question that you posted? :rolleyes::upsidedown:
  5. You know, I really like the Step. I think it's a fresh new shape and I think Ivory would just look gorgeous - the Step gets my vote. :tup:
  6. ^^ Cheshire, my thoughts exactly! The step is an updated classic, I think. I really like the shape and the pockets are so much more functional (bigger) than the city.
  7. i prefer the city...........
  8. Hmmmmm, i prefer the city but with sgh , a bid more casual than the step, the step is more structured and i would say more elegant.
  9. Hi....I really wanted to see an Ivory color in Step style, but until now, haven't found one in this Bal Forum. Pls post photo of the Step Ivory once you have it....Thanks so much!!!!
  10. I agree that the step is more updated and functional. On the other had you already know what leather you'd be getting with the city...
  11. I would go for the step. thinking of ordering it myself.
  12. I ordered the step from Aloha Rag yesterday! They are doing inventory, though, so they said the earliest it will ship will be Tuesday - I will have the bag either Thursday or Friday, I hope! I am excited, I love the style and color. Hope the leather is as thick and smooshy as it has been on the brief and city bags I have seen IRL! I will post pics when it arrives!