Ivory Chloe Betty for $550 ish yay or nay?

  1. I have one on hold for me at Saks, but I already bought a medium Betty from Nordies ($716 plus tax).
    This ivory one will be around $550 on Thur because of the sale! I'm really really tempted, but I don't need 2 betty's do i?

    Good deal!!
    I dont have any Ivory bag

    Already have a Betty in Brown
    I'm messy and hard to use a light color

    What do you guys think??

    If anyone is interested, let me know, and perhaps I will release my hold but let you guys know!
  2. Is this a large/medium or the small one? I'm interested in getting one!! Please let me know when you decide not to get it. Thanks!
  3. I have no idea... this is from Saks and she said original price is $1800, so I'm under the impression that this is the large one.

    If anyone knows, please chime in.

    I'll definately let you know, she has it on hold till thur for me. :smile:
  4. Yeah, I think that's the large one. BG has a gray one for $900. It's in my shopping cart but I really want a white one. :smile:
  5. I would go for it if I were you.
    The betty is a gorgeous bag, and its a steal at that price.
    If you can afford it, I would buy it, I think you might regret giving up this babe if you didnt go for it, and if you do not have a light coloured bag, this could be the one ;)
  6. I'm extremely tempted. If I order it and have them ship it to me, is it returnable if I don't like the color? I've never seen it in real life.
    If not, would i have a problem reselling it?
  7. I say GO FOR IT. At least if you don't like it, you can always ebay it!! IF you do keep it, i'd give it a good applegard spray to protect it and remember, it's a 'no no' w/jeans as the color can transfer.
  8. there are several in grey at Bergdorfs for about $550 if anyone is interested (well one less as of this afternoon after an unfortunate incident with my credit card flying out of my wallet and into the saleswomans hand, completely out of my control)...

    and fayewolf i think the ivory is gorgeous! i'm also worried about the color (the grey is quite light as well) but for the price i would definitely go for it!
  9. YES, go for it! Amazing Price!
  10. That's a great price! Since the sales, Bettys have not been easy to find. Go for it if you like the Ivory (I think it's a beautiful color!)
  11. I have an ivory betty and it's fantastic! I would definitely go for it! I think I paid a little over $1000 for mine with the sale at the time.
  12. Do you have any problem with color transfer? I'm a bit worry but I really love cream/ivory color! :smile:

  13. fayewolf, Which Saks is this? I'm having a large Betty sent out to me this Friday @ 60% off but I want to ask my SA @ Nordies if she would call Saks and possibly do a price match. Your discount is 70%!
  14. Hi anabelle- i don't remember which Saks, but I have their phone number!

    239-592-5900. The sale won't happen till Thur, i think you can definately get it PM.

    What color are you getting?
  15. Thank you! She said she won't charge me until it ships on Friday so maybe she can do the PM! I'm getting the Chamois color (it's a yellowish tan color) :smile: