Ivory Black or Red?

  1. I went to LV yesterday to try on the Epi Ivory 25 but even the display bag was getting a bit dirty :sweatdrop: . I went out with a winter hat instead.

    Anyway, I need your guys opinion again. Which color should I get?




    My sister told me that lately Epi is not a big hit and less people carrying it. I should get sth. else but I think it looks durable and elegance.

    What do you think about Epi Speedy?

    Sorry for post asking many times but when it comes to bag, I always have too many concern. Thank you very much!
  2. Im gonna be really boring and say go for the black epi!
  3. I love my ivory epi alma, and she' s not dirty at all, I just wipe her down with a damp cloth. But, I'd have to say red! Red is definately my next epi choice... ivorie is gorgeous though:heart:
  4. Def red! I love the red Epi Speedy!
  5. Red seems to be HOT :smile:
  6. Get the red, you won't regret it.
  7. I say red epi, I have one and i love it ... especially great for the holidays!
  8. i would get the ivory. :heart:
  9. Your sis was right; however, you dont have to own only mono to look "GREAT" for my opinion, when i carry my LV sometimes I dont want ppl to notice it. When catching somebodys eyes, it would be a problem too. My 2 cents. Red for me all the way
  10. Red!
  11. RED! It's such a classic red, great for Asian skin tones too!
  12. i love the ivory epi color so i'm just gonna go w/ that but it depends on what you think goes w/ your outfits more.
  13. RED...RED...RED...RED...RED...RED...RED...:heart::heart::heart::yes:
  14. RED
  15. I think epi is gorgeous, and if you like the ivory then get it. You will care about your bag more then the people looking at the display!