Ivory, Black or Fuchsia Noe!?!?

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  1. I am preparing to grab a Noe!!! ;) very excited. I initially wanted IVORY b/c it's pretty & chic! Black will probably age better and is a little more practical & Fuchsia is just fun! I can't buy all three ;) I would love to hear what you would chose & why!
  2. Black!! Will go with mainly everything you wear. Ivory will just get to dirty.

  3. I am very worried about the dirt for the white especially Long term & with kids. It's just SO darn pretty! ;)
  4. I'd go for the Fuchsia since the black has a Greyish lining and it'll potentially be a black hole to look for stuff. But if you don't have other Black bags in your wardrobe then go for the Black.
  5. I'm SO partial to ivory. :smile: Good luck deciding!
  6. This is tough! Here is my warped rationale...

    No ivory, it will get too dirty!

    I like black as an everyday bag that will be a work house for you! Chic also, so you can't go wrong! I have a black Epi bag from 2003 and it still looks amazing today.

    Fushia if this is not your everyday bag but put into a regular rotation. Fushia could be a great pop of color if you wear a lot of blacks/grays or browns and creams.

    So in the end, I wasn't very helpful! :hrmm:
  7. I'm not a Noe fan but I say Ivory. So fresh!
  8. I say black! I have the black and it's very chic. The decider for me was Natasia's YouTube video on it
  9. Depends on your wardrobe - black goes with almost everything. But... listen to your heart. )) ;)
  10. I have to explain:
    I always thought my colors were like neutral. I like red - being great as a pop of color )
    But, when I saw cyan - I fell in love and I didn't think at the moment...
    To make the long story short: I've got pale blue and white denim jacket, a couple pairs of 7 MK jeans in light blue.
    And - Voilá? I've got what I needed and that outfit becomes me soooo well. :cloud9:
    I'm in FL, it's ok here, you can see yourself which could be better for you. Good luck! :smile:
  11. Have you seen the new colours? I really like pistache esp in the noe BB
  12. Im not a noe fan, but I would go with the black color...it will go with everything
  13. I pick Fuchsia
  14. another vote for fuchsia!!!👍
  15. I love fuchsia ! It's such a gorgeous colour and looks wonderful on the noe IMO