Ivory Bindi's available on eLux

  1. I love them :love:
  2. They had the ones pictured available too the other day. I love the look so I tried them on in the store awhile ago...I really looked dumb in them lol.
  3. they have the pink, white and black in Sydney when i was there last Thursday. i was surprised because i thought Matt said these were very limited just like the Millionaire. i tried the black on - definitely not for me :s
  4. I'm not sure if Matt got the same ones
  5. I felt like a race car driver when I tried the black ones on a while back... why must all sunnies fit me weird? :crybaby:
  6. he got the black Bindis :yes:
  7. Why can't eluxury.com be available for us here! Sigh...
  8. I love it but it looks really stupid on me.
  9. I think these look way better on guys...they are so big, they reminded me of snow goggles when I tried them on.
  10. Gwen stefani has the same