Ivory betty owners- does yours smells like leather?

  1. My ivory betty came today!!!
    I have a small (med) brown one, and it smells very lovely and it's super soft, can't even stand her up. It smells very stron of leather (in a good way!!)

    My ivory one (came from Saks) does not smell so strong of leather, and the price tag thing was inside of the bag, not outside.
    It also seems stiffer than the brown one by a mile!

    Is this normal?

    sorry, ever since the bluefly incident, i'm just paranoid..
  2. I have a large ivory betty and it does smell like leather. It's not as pungent as some other treated leathers (e.g. dior gaucho leather), but it's smells typical of chloe leather.
  3. Very stiff and doesn't smell of leather?

    Doesn't sound too good to me, it could be that it's been switched.

    Either way - I wouldn't be happy with it, personally.
  4. my Ivory betty came today....It does smell like leather but I also smell a lot of chemical and maybe glue or something. It had the tags inside the bag as well, and the leather is not stiff but also not buttery soft, I think the process for the Ivory color may cause these characteristics....It is super slouchy and really doesn't stand up when empty....hope this helps, mine was from Bergdorf online which by the way I'm a little irritated about because they seem to do the REALLY good sales in the store and the OK sale online.......and now the bags actually went back up online today, I mean I'm happy to have gotten a descent deal on my bag but I'm also irritated that they play these games with customers....I think I'll call just to tell them how I feel anyway, I did pay a price I was willing to pay, but why should someone get a better price from the same store at the same time?
  5. my large grey has a leather and chemical smell as well! i'm actually starting to like it (the smell i mean) because i'm so totally into the bag right now! it's slouchy but it does stand up a bit on it's own if that helps at all. are the brown and ivory different sizes?
  6. Hi there! by the way, thanks for your answer in the other blog, thread, whatever you call it......my ivory I'm pretty sure is exactly like your grey one, I actually called the store this morning and just missed the last awesome deal grey.......I might have returned my more expensive Ivory or at least used that to get the adjustment on my Ivory (or tried). When I ordered the Ivory on line last week, the grey was still full price, now it is $1,260 on line which is what the person I'm dealing with to try to get the adjustment is telling me the store is selling them for......I know she's only looking at the on line price and not checking with the store, kinda p'd.....

    I know there are a couple sizes and style variations, some have more elaborate hardware than ours, I saw a medium with a kind of locking spot for the zipper to clip into when closed. I don't know, I love our style though, it's perfectly done for how big it is, I have a pucci scarf hanging off of it right now and I love it! Hopefully my jeans won't stain it too much, I'm going to spray the leather with a protector before I wear it with jeans though.....