Ivory alyona? Yes/No?!

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  1. Ok, so I think deep down subconsciously I am griping over the fact that I sold off my grey alyona, even though at the time I knew fully well that I would have felt guilty owning two grey bags, similarish in style, even if I did get them both on sale. But I really, really like the alyona's shape and I don't think I would say no to ever owning it in a different colour to grey. But alas it is so elusive and hard to come by and the only colours I have ever seen IRL are the grey and black. I much preferred the grey over the black at the time. But I have seen one or two on ebay in cognac, teal and ivory. Now, even though the berry and teal alyona look gorgeous I don't think I could fit it into my wardrobe, which leaves me with cognac or ivory. I did spot a cognac one not long ago on ebay but the seller never responded in time to my request for additional pics etc. before the auction ended, and she has still not relisted the item, even though I have e-mailed her 3 times, but no response. And now I've stumbled across one in ivory, but I've not seen either colours IRL and have no idea whether it's worth waiting out for a cognac alyona or indulging in the ivory?!! What do you guys think? Have you seen either IRL? I don't usually go for light coloured bags, and only own one in off white, a RAFE bag, which I have still not carried. I do have a Balenciaga GGH PT in Truffle brown, again which I have yet to carry, and a Fendi Zucca Spy in brown. I guess brown is more of a new black to me since I have more brown bags than black. :confused1:
  2. I've not seen the Ivory on the Alyona, but I have seen it on other bags in the same leather. I think it is a LOVELY neutral!

    But if your heart is set on the cognac, I would wait. Whenever I've "settled," I've later regretted it.

  3. the mj boutique had all the alyonas out this weekend in every color save for grey. i like the cognac, but i would pick the ivory. i love the cream/white and gold hardware combination. grey and berry are my favorite colors in this style. the teal and cognac are kinda flat; the color wasn't as rich as i would like them to be.

    sidebar: it sounds like you have a lot of beautiful bags that you need to start using!
  4. Thanks kim..I have used the fendi zucca spy but have yet to use the Balenciaga..I thought the cognac at the time was a 'safer' option, but I never favoured it in the e/w mix quilt tote, it didn't draw me as much as the grey, so wasn't sure I'd feel the same about it on the alyona..the ivory was one I never considered as it wasn't around at all, online or in concessions over here..still thinking..
  5. ^^When is that baby due??
  6. In four weeks!! And I'm going crazy!! It's so much harder second time round it just seems to drag..plus I have been getting hints off others that maybe I should be focusing on diaper bags than handbags!!! They don't understand!!!:nogood:
  7. Nothing wrong with a designer diaper bag!!Good luck with your second!!
  8. You could use the alyona as a nappy bag? It's big enough and so much prettier than the standard ones you can buy. Hey congrats only 4 weeks to go :smile:
  9. I suppose :P..a very posh looking nappy bag!!!
  10. ITA... Wait until the perfect color for you comes along. While one of us may love the ivory, we won't be carrying or paying for it 4you.