Ivorie epi speedy or other suggestions?

  1. I'm in europe for vacation and just bought an epi ivorie speedy 25 and a couple other goodies. I had admired a girl with one on the subway in ny a few month back. Now I'm wondering whether I made the right choice. For that amt of money, is it just too plain? Is it an all year round bag now that summer is ending?

    If you were to exchange for something else (without adding more money), what would it be? In my collection, I currently have the manhattan pm, lilac petit noe, and azur speedy 25. I debated about the mono speedy, but it seems so common to me. Advice is appreciated. Thanks!
  2. Red Epi speedy can be worn year round and always looks chic.
  3. white epi is beautiful it'll look just as gorgeous in summer or winter plus the are no rain/snow worries it's a great choice
  4. I love the ivory epi. It is very classy looking and it is easy to care for. It will look beautiful with any colour fall or winter coat. I think you chose well.
  5. I love the white speedy too! Girlish and stylish! and yes, you can wear it all year round!
  6. I love the ivorie speedy! It's not plain, I think it's really elegant and you could get a lot out of it.
  7. White ivorie is stunning!!! So classic looking and chic. Stay with this choice!
  8. i really love the look of the ivory speedy . its so stunning and very classy looking.
  9. I love the ivory epi! It is so pretty! I don't think it is plain, it is CLASSY!
  10. Thanks guys! I guess I just needed some shopping confirmation to ease my buyers remorse!
  11. i love the ivorie epi speedy, im asking my mom to buy it so that i can wear it too and save my money to buy my bay present.. =P
  12. Ivorie epi is sooo classy, especially in a speedy! If you find it plain, why not dress it up with one of LV's many silk bandeaus/scarves.. they have come up with so many new styles to choose from lately.. I'm sure you could find one to suit your speedy!

  13. Yes, I was actually going to suggest the same thing!! :smile:
  14. Great minds think alike Antonia!! ;)
  15. iTS A BEAUTIFUL BAG AND THE IVORY IS TDF and can be used all year. I was deciding b/t ivory speedy or bowling montaigne pm and the bowling won for me.