ivorie epi owners!! HELP!

  1. Hi everyone! I recently bought the alma in damier, but i originally wanted the ivorie epi:love: i didnt though because the SA kept telling me how its SO sensitive to getting jean color transfers on it, or makeup stains, or any kind of easy scratch! :wtf: i was scared i'd ruin a beautiful bag so i got the damier which is also very pretty.

    ..however, i'm still longing for the white ivorie :push: its just sooooooooooooo beautiful! i still have 2 weeks to exchange if i wish. do you really think another 280 is worth it?

    and how do you guys keep your ivories from getting dirty? sprays? etc? also, does anyone use their ivorie epi as an everyday bag? or do you keep it more for nice occassions?

  2. That's hard. I just got the Damier Alma and I absolutely adore it. I would be SO scared of ivory epi.
  3. Ivory epi is the only white bag I would even consider carrying! i have the white/ivory epi cles. I use it as a keychain and I've dropped that thing more times than I care to admit. Hardly looks used. I wouldn't be afraid of it in a bag. I'm even considering getting a petit noe in Ivory!
  4. I had an ivorie epi alma. I sold her and I soooooo regret it!! I never had any problems with color transfer with jeans or anything else. I also wash my jeans before I wear them so as long as you do that you should be fine. I think you should get it if you really want it, it's definitely worth it!
  5. I have the alma in damier and I love it. It is such a classy bag. I also have the bowling montaigne in ivorie and I find the epi leather very easy to care for. It wipes clean and is very durable. I am very nervous of carrying light coloured bags, but the epi is easier to care for than most.
  6. I've had my ivory epi Alma for almost a year now, and (I'm quoting my SA) "it still looks brand new!". Seriously, she is very low maintenance and I wear jeans every single day of the year! The only area prone to possible scratches is the smooth leather trim near the bottom. I don't have any colour transfer at all from anything and any dirt mark is easily wiped away with baby wipes. I do rotate my bags frequently, but I have used this bag quite a bit, especially when it's raining or I don't feel like using bags with vachetta. I prefer the Alma in epi ivory in comparison to Damier, which is also stunning, but the ivory looks very fresh and elegant and is sure to get a lot of stares! :smile:
  7. do you carry your alma at the croke of your elbow? most i know do, maybe because im short but my alma is constantly being rubbed against my jeans. does your do the same thing when you carry her? and still no color transfers from jeans?? :yahoo: that's the main thing i am worried about because i love carrying my bags by the elbow area but its always leaning against my jeans. all my jeans have been worn a lot so, yeah, they've been through the washer alot.

    i might go to LV this weekend and possibly exchange! I just dont want to spend so much on a bag that i will dirty up. do you ever use any leather resistant sprays? i've heard about some of those, or do you just use baby wipes?

    thanks again for everyones responses by the way. more opinions and expierences are ALWAYS WELCOMED :tup:
  8. I also have the ivory epi alma, which I bought in July. I use it maybe every couple of weeks, so not as an everyday bag, but I usually wear jeans and I haven't had any problems with colour transfer. The bag is pretty easy to keep clean. I think the only issue I had with it is that I spilled some pink liquid on it (can't remember what) and the leather itself was fine but the stitching was stained the tiniest bit. It's hardly noticeable though, and baby wipes got rid of most of it.
  9. oh i forgot to ask. do any of you baby your ivorie epi? or do you usually just toss it into the car, bed, etc and kinda just place it onto any countertop?
  10. You should go for the Ivoire, I love that color. I was never a fan of Epi until I saw the Ivoire.....:yes:
  11. I have an ivoire epi lockit and love it, I find it is easy to clean and I haven't had any problems with colour transfer from clothing or makeup. When I first got the bag I had the lock attached to the side and where it swung back and forth it left a black arc, but it cleaned off with a soft cloth, water & mild soap (I have taken the lock off now).
  12. I don't baby any of my bags. I'm downright careless sometimes. :s
  13. I have the montaigne bowling ivorie epi and like many of the owners already posted, its very easy to take care of and cleaning is very easy. Just a wet wipe will take out most stains/dirt marks and for stubborn marks, a bit of soap and water has worked wonders. I've been using my bag for everyday and there are a few small scratch marks/chips along the trim since I haven't babied it (leave on counters, chairs, car seat/foot-rest, etc..but not on public bathroom floors :wtf: w/o a piece of paper to sit it on...if there were no hooks or purse rests). I feel bad for the chips/scratchs and they were all due to the stupid metal door jab in my apt, that door slams shut behind me every time and sometimes, my purse doesn' make it all the way inside before that blasted door jab nicks my trim. I feel horrible about it and I've been very careful now around that door but still...its been looking pretty good.

    I do have to say that the hardware does have a few scratch marks but I suppose that's inevitable and its really not very obvious (both the trim scratchs/chips and the hardware scratchs), I'm just super detailed about my stuff.
  14. Epi is definitely more durable than what your SA has said, it isn't really permeable to stains in the same way that non coated canvas (mini lin) or patent leather (vernis) would be ! :yes:
  15. wow EVERYONE has said the same thing. I think my SA really was just trying to give me so many worst case scenerios that it scared me away :s. i love the damier, but i think about the epi every now and again. i just love the color of the ivorie and the texture of the epi..sigh whats another 270 when i've already invested as much as i did for the damier one..:shrugs:

    i should have asked this sooner and BEFORE i made my purchase haha :lol: thanks again