ivorie epi owners!! HELP!

  1. Hi everyone! I recently bought the alma in damier, but i originally wanted the ivorie epi:love: i didnt though because the SA kept telling me how its SO sensitive to getting jean color transfers on it, or makeup stains, or any kind of easy scratch! :wtf: i was scared i'd ruin a beautiful bag so i got the damier which is also very pretty.

    ..however, i'm still longing for the white ivorie :push: its just sooooooooooooo beautiful! i still have 2 weeks to exchange if i wish. do you really think another 280 is worth it?

    and how do you guys keep your ivories from getting dirty? sprays? etc? also, does anyone use their ivorie epi as an everyday bag? or do you keep it more for nice occassions?


    ***ooops accidently posted it twice, sorry!