Ivorie EPi @ ELUXURY!!! NOW

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  1. Hey peeps.... Go Go Go get them ladies!!!!
  2. I don't see any? :confused1:
  3. Gosh..when you type it in, it's available in the Jasmin. Is there a pic of it?
  4. Jasmin, Passy, Petit Noe, Souflott, Turenne, Alma....
  5. No bucket!
  6. ooohhh i want! boo, i hate how there's no color examples
  7. That's what I was looking for!:crybaby:
  8. Sigh. I wish there were pictures. Boo.
  9. Mini Lin Dune has a Bucket!
  10. speedy 25:party:
  11. thanks!
  12. There's speedys in Dune also
  13. Merika, You seriously have to choose a LV so all us pfers can go ooohh and aahhh for you!
  14. Anybody looking for Azur Speedy 25????
  15. I saw the new Epi color and it's really nice.