Ivonna's Picture Book - My Collection of Bags and Shoes

  1. Thank you for all of the time and effort you put into sharing your collections with us!
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  3. love the shoes and bags
  4. Beautiful collection! Your cherry SC is stunning.
  5. Your collection :loveeyes: :loveeyes: :loveeyes:! I love how you have so many colors in your collection, makes me want to go out and shop lol
  6. I have fendi spy too. Just classic
  7. I love love love this alma!!
    not to mention all of your bags! Awesome
  8. WOW you might just have the best collection!!! i love each and every piece!
  9. I love your collection. It is to die for! I was wondering if you could post pictures of how and where you store your handbags and shoes. Especially your boots :smile:
  10. WOW!! Beautiful collection and sensational photography. Thank you for sharing.
  11. Bella !!! :loveeyes:
  12. Oh my gosh! ENVY!!
  13. Stunning!
  14. Amazing louboutins!
  15. Your SC bags are soooooo amazingly beautiful!!! I love them all but I think the cherry color is my favorite!