Ivonna's Picture Book - My Collection of Bags and Shoes

  1. Thank you! :smile:

    Thank you noonoo07! Thanks for visiting!
  2. OMG! :loveeyes: your SC collection is TDF!!! love the cherry!!! such a beautiful shade of red which btw is my fav colour!!
  3. So many gorgeous bags. Great collection, loved looking through this thread.
  4. What a great collection!!!!! Congratulations!!!!
  5. LOVE your Chanel pieces! Beautiful collection!
  6. That was just heavenly to watch! :drool:
    Such a diverse taste and I love those recent triplets!
    I haven't seen them irl, may I ask how long were the strap? TIA
  7. thank you for sharing,t hat's a great collection of bags and shoes! :biggrin:
  8. never seen this one before... is this a vintage? such a nice one!

  9. Thanks! This is chain around maxi from 2011 Cruise colellection. It sold out very quickly. :smile:
  10. Thank you so much for visiting! I am so glad you enjoyed my collection. :flowers:
  11. These are fantastic! Do you intentionally buy bags and shoes to match? Which comes first? That little pup, btw, is adorable. A Yorkie?
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    These are all gorgeous! Love them!

    In case no one else has asked... I am SO nosy!
    - may we see pics of your closet?!
    - have you ever estimated the total cost of your collection?
    - what do you do for a living?!
  13. Thank you for sharing, I love your little doggie!
  14. Love your chanel collection best, the gold bubble is making me drool.
  15. Beyond words!!! :woot::woot::woot::yahoo::yahoo::yahoo::drool:

    Beautiful Collection!! Super Jelly!