Ivoire Epi Cles pix?

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  1. I'm interested in buying one and would love to see any pictures you might have!

    Also, does anyone know whether or not the black Epi Cles comes with a silver-tone chain? On Eluxury there are pics of a black Epi Cles with silver-tone hardware while LV.com shows gold-tone hardware on the black and red (silver-tone on the cannelle & ivoire).

    Please excuse my punctuation/spelling. I should be studying for my Land Use final, but procrastination is my thing (as is sleep-deprivation).
  2. I thought all epi had gone over to silver ... although you wouldn't think the LV website would use out of date pics, but I'm pretty sure they're all silver now.

    Good luck with your final! :smartass:
  3. Say it ain't so!