Ivoire Bbag on Diabro.net

  1. :confused1:can anybody tell me how come ivoire bbag are cheaper than the rest of color in First, City, and Twiggy? the link is the following http://diabro.net/index.php/cPath/192_237#BAGS%20-%20THE%20CITY

    as you can see, the iroire are typically $100-$500 cheaper than the others. why is that?
  2. this should go under the shopping forum. i think only diabro has the answer, don't you think? :lol: diabro tends to price the more popular colours higher. you'd notice that whites are usually cheaper. the bags are still authentic, if that's your concern.
  3. Great Question!! I wish I knew!! I have Ivory; it is a beautiful color and cannot understand why!! Anybody know!!!???:confused1::s:angel::shame::
  4. On diabro, lighter colors go for much less. If you look at their bright colors, they're usually higher in price. Look at their firsts - they are around $1200 USD.
  5. It's sometimes the same story for blacks...White is always cheaper as it is produced each season. I personally think Ivory isn't in the white category. It's more like Calcaire than anything. I would snap those cheap Ivory's up now, before Diabro realise they hold their value more than white do!!!
  6. ivory is not white, surely. maybe the twiggy style is not as popular as the city. maybe light-coloured bags just don't get snapped up as quickly as the blacks. but they had the Day in black and it's going for 700+ only. again, maybe the style is not popular. i was so tempted but i've resisted :wlae:i just wish i have spare cash to spend on a sienna twiggy. v good prices.