iVillage Quiz...How well do you know designer bags?

  1. That is Fun.

    I got 6/6.
  2. i got 5 out of 6 also in 42 seconds.
  3. Ooooh! I suck! I got 3 right, had to guess the 4th twice, and then ran out of time!!

    That's what i get for spending all my time in the LV subforum!!

    You hit a bag snag!
    No time left!
    You need some work on your handbag trivia.
    Better go window-shopping and try again.
  4. I got all six right :biggrin:
  5. 6/6 in 38 seconds :biggrin:
  6. This was cool! I got all six right!
  7. I got them all right, but it took multiple guesses (and I had to play again).
  8. Got them all in 48 seconds lol..I took more time on the Jimmy Choo and Kate Spade ones.
  9. Hahaha!!! Me too! :yahoo:

    What I know, I know well.
    If I don't know, I don't know at ALL!
    I'm sorry, but those bags were really fugly to me (IMO ladies, IMO - no offense intended) - I didn't feel so bad. I felt embarrassed by "earth to future fashionista" that it said. @# you! :wlae:
  10. LOL, am also the earth to future fashionista, and my friends all thought I'm a damn good in knowing purses, LOL... Well, guess I'm not familiar with all that.
  11. I got 5 right out of 6 in 46 seconds.
  12. I got 6/6 in 35 seconds.
  13. 6/6 in 47 seconds
  14. 6/6 in 23 seconds..didn't know it was timed...