1. Hi all, I have been trying to have a baby for almost 2 years now and I have been unsuccessful at getting pregnant. In Feb/March I did have a chemical pregnancy. It was very emotional for me.
    I have been really relaxed about the whole thing and have not stressed lately. But I know Gods will for me to a mother. I would consider adopting but I would really love to carry my own child. I was thinking about Invitro fertilization. Has anyone ever done this, or known someone who has done IVF?

  2. My aunt had IVF done, I think after her second try it was successful and she delivered a healthy baby boy! I don't know much detail, but I know the chances of getting pregnant with IVF is pretty good. Good luck and best wishes.
  3. Also, www.justmommies.com is a great message board that offers support to couples who are trying to conceive. Definitely take a look there for some helpful info! Hope this helps. :biggrin:
  4. My aunt had IVF too. She was pregnant on her first try with twins, but lost one at 5 months. It's pretty expensive, so they stopped at one child.
  5. I haven't had IVF but I've had 4 friends go through it with success. Once recently had twins (boy and girl). I wish you the most success in your attempts. Take care and be strong!!!
  6. Thanks I definetly think We will look into it beginning of next year if Im not pregnant by then. Id love a January baby but would take anything I could get. Id love twins or triplets.
  7. My aunt had that done too and had a healthy baby girl!! She was 40 when she had it done though so it took about 5 tries.
  8. I'm 28 and just finished my first cycle of IVF.

    I was fortunate enough not to be the one with the fertility problem. My husband's sperm had "motility issues"... We tried for a year, but I'm bad with long unpredictable waiting, so we went the IVF route.

    I am currently pregnant (with twins). Know that IVF does not guarantee you a pregnancy. Cycles get cancelled all the time b/c of "poor ovarian response" and many other issues.

    I was a very good respondent to ovarian stimulation: I ended up with 18 mature follicles retrieved and with 20 eggs of which most fertilized and 10 reached the blastocyst (5 day embryo) stage. So, we had about 7 embryos frozen...

    IVF is expensive and can be trying both physically and emotionally. For instance, I still have to do intramuscular progesterone injections for the remainder of my first trimester. These are no fun (it's a pretty long needle) but they support the pregancy and minimize the risk of a miscarriage during the first trimester. Since progesterone has a short half-life, these injections need to be administered daily...

    ...so, IVF also requires a substantial time commitment from you and your partner. Age is also a factor (yours more than his) and so on...

    I would recommend it only if you think you can let go of the outcome despite the financial commitment. It is not an easy or success guaranteed treatment. Cycles can be cancelled and they fail too, so be cautiously optimistic and be prepared for all possible outcomes!

    PM me if you'd like to chat about this more and best of luck to you and your husband!
  9. congrat emma... I definetely understand cycles getting canceled. I get cysts on my right ovary when they give me clomid. Im hoping we will be able to get pregnant on our own but if not, I think it may be something we might just have me not work a year and just do IVF. I know it must be physicially demanding on your body.

    Here in texas at the clinic i am looking into, they give you 3 trys fro 10000 dollars ...

    But honestly, i know somethings got to wrong with that ovary and Im just having faith to be healed.

    Congrats again!
  10. My aunt did avf and had my cousin at 43. he was very healthy. she tried many times and was unsuccessful. finally it worked.
  11. Thanks and best of luck to you! I never had cystic ovaries (NOT EVER) until I was due to start my IVF cycle. We went in (my husband and I) and EVERYTHING had checked out and we were due to start ovarian stimulation that day provided that no cysts were present on the ovaries. There had been none there a couple of weeks before, so I expected pure formality.

    There was a GIGANTIC cyst on my left ovary!!! :tdown: It was giving off sooooo much estrogen that it would have severely limited the effect of the stimulation meds...

    My cycle was postponed for a month with sonograms every week. The cyst started shrinking, but it still took a month to be completely gone and give off estrogen :crybaby:. I felt powerless and uncertain of my body that whole month and it was a nightmare...

    Cysts clear up though. Keep in mind that they may have to put you on birth control for a while before the ovaries are cyst-free.

    Regarding the three cycles for 10K: that is an amazing deal... it's less than my one cycle. I'm in San Diego and the going prices for SoCal seem higher than Texas. :nuts: One thing ask is if this price quote includes the subcutaneous injectables (Gonal F, Cetrocyde, Menopur, Ovidrel), the intramuscular injections, oral meds, antibiotics, syringes, needles, etc depending on what your protocol is....

    If you have good quality insurance, they may cover most of the meds. They covered mine and I'm glad because the meds depending on what you need and your clinic's protocol can be anywhere from 7K-10K a cycle. :wtf:

    Additionally, if you need ICSI, assisted hatching, freezing etc, the cost will go higher. But, 10K for 3 cycles as a baseline price is AWESOME!!!

    I could go on and on endlessly about this :p because it's so fresh in my mind, but I don't want to bore or make it sound more cumbersome than it is. It only sounds overwhelming in retrospect now that I am listing the details, however, once you start the cycle you just follow everything algorythmically and it seems really easy. Looking back, I feel like I gave myself waaaay too many injections, but at the time I just did it and it seemed relatively easy. I'm still doing the daily progesterone intramuscular injections and it's all pretty uncomplicated and fuss-free!

    I'm also going in for a high-resolution sonogram/u/s tomorrow morning :smile: I'm excited and anxious at the same time...

    If you go ahead with the IVF and need to talk, I'm here for you... and wish you all the best of luck with the baby-making assisted or otherwise. You're in my thoughts. Take care, :heart:!
  12. Hi Samantha,

    DH and I have been trying for a baby for 7 years. He's 51 and I"m 43. We've been together 8 years.

    Three IVF's and $60,000 later, still nothing except miscarriages of 8 perfect embryos the doctors called "textbook beautiful."

    It's a long, nasty process, emotionally, physically, mentally and financially, with no guarantees.

    If it is something you decide to do, tell as few people as possible. It's hard enough to suffer cycle failure (which I hope you'll never experience) without having stupid comments like "Geez, it's so expensive, why didn't it work?!?" come flying at you without any regard to your feelings.

    Good luck.
  13. ^ Congrats Emma! Wishing you a happy & healthy pregnancy. :biggrin: And twins.. that sounds so exciting! Twice the fun, haha.
  14. A very close friend of mine had IVF. She now has 2 beautiful little girls who just turned 1 in May. However, she was extraordinarily lucky that the first time she had the procedure she completed her pregnancy. As SKelly mentioned, it can be extremely draining, in many ways. Make sure you have the answers to all your questions from the doctors and your insurance before you commit to such a large financial amount. Best of luck!
  15. I went through infertility treatments with my pregnancies. I've had several miscarriages and an ectopic last year which required my left fallopian tube removed.
    I have issues with ovulation and implantation.

    My 1st dd was conceived naturally. 2nd dd was conceived through Intrauterine Insemination (IUI).

    I highly suggest checking out the boards on INCIID.org
    They are fantastic.