I've won an auction, now what happens?

  1. Hi everyone,

    eBay newbie here :shame: , I've never really won anything on eBay until now but what happens now? When I won the auction, eBay asked me how I wanted to pay, I selected "Bank Deposit" and now it has taken me to a page that says:

    Pay via Bank Deposit: Email Seller
    1. Email Information to Seller 2. Send Payment

    This has my address and I have received bank details from the seller. After I click "Email information to Seller", what happens next? I am scared to press the button. I was hoping to send payment to the seller when I go to the bank directly tomorrow, so what are implications if I click this? Does eBay directly withdraw my money from my bank to pay the seller or is this just a confirmation to the seller that I will be paying them soon?

    Thanks guys
  2. Hi there,

    that will just send a standard message to the seller, telling him that you got his bank detail and will pay as soon as possible.

    There is this blank field where you can add a personal message. I'd just fill that out and tell the seller that you are happy to have won the auction and will be sending the payment via Bank Deposit tomorrow. Well, you don't have to do that, but I think it's always nice to add a little personal touch to the transaction, especially since you are a new eBay buyer, kwim

  3. Thanks Kitty for your quick reply :flowers:

    I sent them a 'thank you' message and clicked that button, it wasn't so bad after all :p
  4. well done :yes:

    and GOOD LUCK to you for all your future great eBay deals :p
  5. good luck! i hope ur first expereinec on ebay is going nicely and smooth :yes:
  6. Good luck! In the future, I'd advise using your credit card to pay for Ebay transactions, instead of your bank deposit - that way you can file a chargeback in case something goes wrong.
  7. you took the words out of my mouth!

    c/cs are more secure in case of trouble.