Ive waited...waited...and waited......now its finally HERE!!

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  1. My BRAND NEW black small baby cabas:yahoo:!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't even describe how happy I am now, she's just perfect!!! A huge THANK-YOU to the lovely PFer who helped me to find this beauty:heart:!

    Heres my current CHANEL collection, its still small (my addiction just started in May:graucho:).

    Now...introducing my newest love!!



  2. Congrats bb10lu!!! :yahoo: Your patience sure has paid off, it looks gorgeous on you!!!
  3. ^^Thank you!!!!!:yahoo:I'm on cloud 9~~~~:heart:
  4. looks gorgeous on u!
  5. It looks amazing on you. Congratulations.:yahoo:
  6. Looks awesome!! It's perfect for you!
  7. It looks FABULOUS on you! Congratulations bb1!:yahoo:
  8. bb, you have a wonderful style (i REALLY LOVE your style) and you wear it beautifully! a big congrats!!!! and i love your collection-it's quality that matters, not quantity!;)
    CONGRATS again!:heart:
  9. My choice this year also - I love mine so much, I check the weather report before I wear it!!!!! Everyone is right, you look like a model for Chanel!!!!!!!! Enjoy and congrats!!!
  10. Aww~~~~thank you BooYah!!!!That means a lotttttt to me:P:heart:!!!
  11. Hehe~SuzyZ,I think it was YOUR post with the bag that made me drool so bad:graucho:~~!!!
  12. Wow!!!Love the bag and your look
  13. Glad to be of service!!!!:yes:
  14. My thoughts EXACTLY. Like word for word!
  15. So cute on you! Congrats, luv your style