I've waited and waited....Pics Inside...

  1. I've waited and waited for this since they first came out...I wanted and begged and plead with my DH since we have been together...So finally I took a little more of that tax refund and went and bought one myself. The GM was a little much on me..So I went with the smaller size and I made such a good choice. This is by far the best LV item I own...I wanted this more than any bag on earth and I finally have it....An item that needs no introduction here is my Inclusion Pomme D' Amour Bracelet...

    Sorry for the bad quality I have to use my cell phone as my camera is in the shop....
  2. Gorgeous! i love the inclusion bracelets.
  3. Cute! I love how it matches your nails and top!!
  4. Congrats! Lovely bracelet!
  5. I :heart: it. Very beautiful color.
  6. Beautiful!! Love how your nails match - looks awesome on you! Congrats!
  7. very cute, congrats!
  8. It's so beautiful! And I love what you did with your nails!
  9. Awww...Thanks I was going to do my nails depending on which color bracelet I got...I love the color red more than any color..So, it was a super easy decision!!! HAHA
  10. Congrats!!
  11. Congrats, beautiful bracelet!
  12. ooooh!!! i love the pomme inclusion! congrats and enjoy! good things come to those who wait.
  13. Yes, I agree with you too, that I too love the inclusion bracelets more than anything! They are addictive though. Once you get one you will want more. They look great on their own, but since I have a few I stack two together.
    Have fun with your beautiful pomme pm!
  14. love the color and looks goood on ya:tup:
  15. You have excellent taste, this bracelet is stunning! Congrats and enjoy!