I've turned orange!

  1. Well i've been an avid LV collector for about a year now and today i picked up my first Hermes!! I got a Dogon Combined Togo/Black/PHW and i LOVE it!!! now i need a mathcing 35cm birkin but in clemence!
  2. uh oh....you know...there's no going back now.......

    CONGRATS and welcome aboard!
  3. Welcome to the Orange side. Congrats on your new wallet.
  4. SWEET! Welcome to the O' side :devil:
  5. Welcome and congrats on your new goodie!! You know GF is right, there's no going back, lol!!
  6. Congrats! Don't you already have an H scarf though?
  7. sococalifornia, Congrats!! :smile:
  8. welcome to your new home! you'll love everything orange!
  9. :woohoo: welcome!
  10. congratz to your new purchase! and have fun hunting down your first bag :smile:
  11. congratulations! pictures please....TIA! :flowers:
  12. Congrats! Orange is the new black!!!
  13. Congratulations!
  14. Welcome to the orange side!
  15. Congrats...this is the start of something special...enjoy