ive taught her well

  1. i was in work today and becuase i work in a supermarket (p.time while im in college) i was at my till and my little sister who is 11 walks past with my parents. She stops at the end of my till and mouths to me *fake bag* so i look up and a woman at my till have a fake lv multicolour! haha i was laughing for about 10 minutes, ive taught her well ey!
  2. LOL that's too funny :nuts: only 11 and already having a trained eye!! Congratulations for such a clever sister ;)
  3. That is so funny! My stepdaughter (12) and i play "Spot the fake" when we go shopping at the mall. Its like a game! She has quite the trained eye too!
  4. lol i just found it soo funny!! and also just to add the amount of fake lvs ive seen today... *sigh* mostly wallets though! it makes me upset people do it! ive been pure handbag watching though this week gives me something to do in work hehe
  5. had to laugh :smile:
  6. Nothing wrong with her having a great eye at 11.;) :P
  7. :lol:
  8. How adorable! She's a fashionista in the making :smile:
  9. Too cute!!!
  10. your little sister sounds so cute! i've trained my sister to notice the back pockets of jeans. now she can tell me the wash and brand of jeans like a little whiz haha so proud!
  11. OMG that's too cute. Start 'em young, I say!
  12. Haha, nice. Shes younger than me and has a much better eye than I do.
  13. WOW!! I wish I had that knowledge when I was that young. Cute story.
  14. I do the same with my friends! It's a really fun game...not so much to make fun of people but to see how well we can keep up with the trends. Plus I'm obsessed with denim.
  15. That is so funny!!! Vlad and I do it all the time, so it is kinda funny because he is a man... but I want my daughters to play the same game with me!!