I've stocked up for an LV hibernation...

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  1. Well, I said "no purcahases in August" and "Damier Sophie is my last LV for 2007" but when faced with the idea of no more LV for the next couple of months I caved.

    I'll be having my little one next week and know I'll be very busy (have a 19 month old, an 11 year old, and a 35 year old [that would be my hubby, Nike GOlf]) and I'll have my hands more than full, no more LV shopping, and Elux doesn't ship to Hawaii.

    With the enabling of the Hawaii TPF girls I did some damage....

    Got these today for hubby as "Push Presents" even though he's not the one pushing...maybe it'll convince him to get me a really good push present!
    Bags in Dustcovers.JPG
  2. Keep All 50 that we'll be packing up for the Hopsital and his first LV wallet, a Taiga in brown...
    Keep all and wallet2.JPG Inside Taiga.JPG
  3. For me, got the Koala in Amarante to use with my Damier Sophie...
    August Purchases.JPG His n Her Wallets.JPG
  4. push presents lol1 good for you, cant wait to see them.
  5. And for baby boy we got the Tokidoki Pirata to use as a baby bag!

    Went shopping with TPFers Memory Bliss, EmilyK and Junkenpo and they as well as my fab SA tried to convince me to get a shawl to wrap the baby in...but I thought they were NUTS!!!!
    baby Bag and parent bag.JPG
  6. LOL, I just realized BF and NG have the exact same wallet now. How cute is that. If we ever get them together they can be twins.
  7. And here are some shots of the Keep All, I am soooo in love with it!!!
    Close up 2.JPG close up.JPG
  8. Don't forget to tie a bandeau on your head to keep hair out of your face while pushing, ROFL
  9. As I walked out of the Boutique today I hugged my SA, said bye to everyone in there, yelled "Bye Louis, see you in 4months!"

    Hopefully I won't suffer too many withdrawl symptoms, esp. since I am there every week (three times in the last week!).

    Okay, really banned for now, won't have time anyway!
  10. You are too darned funny! But that's an idea....and maybe I need to go back tomorrow and get a make up case for my toiletries!!!!! LOL
  11. Wow! Perfect selections, I say!! Congratulations! And best wishes to you and your family for your baby's upcoming birth!!! Yay!
  12. Congrats! I love everything!
  13. yay congrats RG!!!!

    see for the past few months i've been living vicariously through you and your lovely LVs. now i can do the same for you since i'm going BONKERS during f/w hehe.
  14. congrats and best wishes for you and the baby! Hope to see you back soon again! :flowers: Do keep us updated on the birth. Hehe.
  15. You did some GREAT damage! LoVe the wallet! Does LV make slippers? You will need them in the hospital too! LOL!