I've seen some speedies w/ a strip of leather on the bottom..

Jul 3, 2006
These (if they are not fake - which they were faked sometimes) are French Company Speedies. They are very vintage. The French Company used to be licensed to make Louis Vuitton products in the United States many years ago. Their speedies were different in several ways, the type of push lock, the strip on the bottom and leather handles and chades that are a different types of leather and do not patina - slightly different handle shape at the base as well. You can generally find them fairly cheap on E-Bay - along with the leather strip on the bottom - it is not one piece of continuous canvas, so the LVs are not upside down on one side. I personally don't like the French Company bags, but a lot of people do like them and some collectors like to have at least one piece. The French Company is still in business - but no longer is licensed to make LV in the U.S. - They do have some Speedy type bags still that are cute (a brown herringbone - and an all black ribbed one, and a black one with vachetta leather). I hope this helps a little explain what those bags are. You still want to get them authenticated though because Louis Vuitton bags were being counterfeited - even back then.

You can no longer buy French Company bags new - only very used on E-Bay (as far as the LV logo ones).


The Odd Mod
Apr 19, 2006


Sep 10, 2006
I found two of the french company Speedy at the local Salvation army shop the lady who puts out the purses said they were fakes because they had the french company tags in them. I got them any way and took them to LV at the mall. I felt really funny taking them into the store but the saleslady told me that they were REAL!!! talk about a good day I scored to great bags for $8.00. Who ever owed these bags took really good care of them.