I've seen men play the Sony PS1, but have you seen men carry the PS1?

  1. Hi all! (sorry for the lame title lol)

    I've been looking into PS1 bags for like... a year now but always hesitant to do anything aside from looking since I know it's considered a woman's bag. I'm a guy... and I'm super drawn to the PS1 bag (black or military colour). I would try to find a messenger/briefcase bag everywhere but always somehow end up back to the PS1 bag.

    Have you ever seen a guy using a PS1 bag (large or extra large) out and about on the streets? I haven't encountered one yet.

    (I REALLY WANT THIS BAG but don't have enough courage to "rock it" as a guy **INNER TURMOIL** :rain: )

    /endrant (thanks for reading lol)
  2. A male friend of mine has the large Bronze PS1, and it's fantastic on him.
  3. I completely agree! You will totally rock a PS1 !

    I love these pix - - - you sooooo have to get one! (pix credit: myMANy bags.blogspot.com and sashayudichev.blogspot.com)



  4. I think you should get what you want and wear it proudly! Oh, and share some pics so we can fawn over your fab new bag.
  5. I think that the proportion of the Medium PS1 is more "feminine," but the Large and XL sizes strike me as unisex. Particularly in the colors that you mentioned.

    I agree that you should wear what you want regardless, but if you like to stay under the radar - I think that the XL would be perfect for men!! I get a lot of compliments on my PS bags, but it's always a comment about the leather quality or the fact that the design is so functional. I've never heard someone say "I like your PS1..." or "Is that a Proenza Schouler?" I love the relative anonymity of the brand.
  6. well if you ask me it is actually an extremely masculine bag (and i love that look)
    my partner has the XL in black and carries it to work with his laptop and papers :smile:
    it's totally doable!
  7. That's great! :smile: Does he find the large big enough for him? I'm just debating between L and XL

    Thanks for the pictures!! It gets me more excited about the PS1 lol

    Will do! :smile:

    Thanks for the links! I was looking everywhere for male mod pics lol. Saved me so much time

    Exactly. This is why I'm drawn to the PS1 because it looks great (love that it slouches a bit) yet it draws attention not because it's plastered with logos.

    :amazed: That. is. BEAUTIFUL! Thanks so much for sharing! Do you find the XL to be too big at times or is it just right?

    Thanks for the post! Now it's getting me debating between military and black haha
  8. My friend does indeed find the large big enough. It depends on how much of your life you're carrying around with you day to day.
    I think it will be fantastic on you. Keep in mind that the larger you go, the less structured the bag will appear depending on what is or isn't inside.
  9. I think for a guy, the XL is a perfect size. Though I have to warn you that if it's a structured and rigid bag you want, then this may not be for you as the leather only gets softer and softer. My XL now is a slouchy bag.

    That said, it can fit alot of things. I like how it can look nice and slouchy when not packed, yet volume is there when I need to really stuff it up! A small laptop can definitely fit in. document folder too...
  10. My husband carries a Black BHW in Medium. It's perfect for him. He's not a big guy though.
  11. I think this style is amazing, because both genders can rock it, imo. You should definitely get it - it would be an amazing addition to your wardrobe, I think. :smile: I wouldn't think of it as a bag for women only.
  12. I have L with Black gun metal. It's suitable for me too, IMO Like Micole said It's depends on your stuff that you carrying, but I'm looking on the new XL for my MBP 15":p
  13. I use the smoke XL. It's perfect for everyday wear. :smile: