I've seen a lot of great

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  1. looking large round faced (man sized)watches on very stylish women lately - does anyone know anything about that look? what watches are they wearing?
  2. Oh! I love large watches. There are so many different brands out for this trend. Personally, I own a Michele watch, and love that it is so versatile. The straps are interchangeable, which makes coordinating easy. Check it out at www.michelewatches.com.
  3. I wear a Mens Cartier Pasha and have for about 10 years now. The only problem is you get used to it. I want an evening watch and every time my husband and I look at a diamond watch, it looks tiny! A big diamond watch would make me look like P. Diddy's next door neighbor!
  4. Thanks Suli - I'm headed for the website!!!:biggrin:
  5. I just want "the look" a Cartier is way out of my price range - grateful for your response - you are lucky!
  6. ^^ I worked for Tiffany & Co. in watches for about 7 years and we considered Cartier (watches, especially) to be our nemesis. Pretty much immediately upon my 'retiring' (I had a baby), I got my Pasha!
  7. I've had 4 kids - no Pasha - but I'm not complaining - life is good.
  8. ^^ It was at a charity auction.....
  9. P. Diddy's neighbor?? Ha ha ha...
  10. I don't trust myself to have a really nice watch because I'm always bumping my watch arm into things and getting my watch scratched, so I stick mostly to Swatches, they're pretty reasonably priced, and come in some of those large styles you like. But if I could trust myself with a more expensive one I'd go for something from Officina del Tempo. You can check them out here: http://www.officinadeltempo.com

    Most of their styles are rectangular, but they do have a few round styles called "revolution."
  11. gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!
  12. Thanks Jaffa, I think I'll check out the swatches
  13. wow, thats a really nice watch, noriko, hopefully in two years or so i can go for a nicer watch, (have to save up so college wont bankrupt me lol) is there a specific way to wear a mens watch? i mean i dont dress as feminine as one might, but are there metals or colors a girl should stay away from?