I've searched here for answers, but I still have a few I could use some help with

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  1. I've looked in the reference and likely I'm just missing the answer as I'm sure it's there, but if I could have some clarification on a few bbag things, I'd appreciate it so much.

    Random q's:

    I've checked out all the online only sites that sell bbags in your reference forum. Do these sites just randomly get in items and do they sometimes have none available? In other words, check often as it always is changing?

    I can't find a clear answer on this...the term "motorcycle"...does it refer to any of the bags that look like the city, first, twiggy? Or does it refer specifically to the city? Or, am I completely confused? LOL

    The stores you have listed that sell bbags, I've checked and it appears they don't offer them for sight online, correct? So, if I live in an area w/out a major dept. store, I'm out of luck?

    Where do I find a site that tells me the latest colors, etc.? I've looked and it's likely obvious, but I can't find that out. Maybe I rely on tpf members who visit the boutiques?

    Finally, does the city bag come in different sizes? Sometimes on the online sites, I see one described as Large city and sometimes not... I'm trying to get all my lingo straight.

  2. online sites do get bbags in randomly and you have to check back oftern. if want a specific bag, call/email them to see if they even ordered it.

    motorcycle refers to the line/style of bags not a specific model. originally, if refered to the tassels/buckles of a motorcycle jacket. now with the release fo the new "hardware" it refers to the all those types too.

    the stores listed are nearly all under contract with balenciaga and are unable to post pics of bbags due to their policy. if you want a bag, be very specific about what you want and you will get it.

    as for the latest colors, here is a thread with that info:

    [​IMG] Here They Are 2008 Swatches Pics, we can get on list

    and the city only comes in one size. you are probably confused be the term "giant" which refers to the hardware. if it doesn't have tassels, then it had the big silver or gold hardware it is considered giant.
  3. lolaluvsu
    Thanks so much for all the helpful information!
  4. mshel, I had a lot of the same questions at the beginning- it's very confusing at first, because legit retailers like Barneys use completely different terms than balenciaga's terms (i.e. the SA's I talk to insist on calling bal's "work" style the "office" or the weekender the "voyager", or stare blankly when you ask for the mogano color) And then the first is often also referred to as the classique. It can be very confusing.

    Balenciaga does not allow for online sales, so none of the online sellers are authorized by bal. BUT, diabro.net is a site that many ladies here buy from- if you do a search, you can read up on experiences with them. Places like bluefly and overstock tend to get in random stock, so yes you do have to check often. Other sites like realdealcollection and anns fabulous finds are consignment shops, but a great source for bbags. eBay is also a possibility, although be sure to get the bag authenticated in the "authenticate this" thread- it's a great resource!! The experts there are wonderful.

    For legit retailers, you can always call them up and order over the phone. There's just the risk of buying sight unseen- but just check on their return policy. Like lola said, you have to be super specific about the color you want, and also the leather you want. Most retailers are getting in spring 08 colors, but still have a good amount of fall 07 stock, I think. And sometimes you'll even find a random 06 color here and there. Really, you have to call a store specifically and find out what colors they have in stock. Check this shopping forum often, because you'll see frequent posts like "Austin NM stock" or something like that. The ladies here really are wonderful.

    And yes, motorcycle style does refer to the city, first, twiggy, work, etc etc. It's any bag that has the tassels and stud hardware.

    Good luck!!
  5. sunny07
    THanks so much Sunny! You know how when you first enter a new bag forum, you want to just post random threads asking q's because you want them all answered immediately, but know you can't do that. So, for about 6 mo. now, I've been lurking (scandalous word) and learning what I can and I've come SOO far. But, there are still things like above that I couldnt' clear up.

    I was aware, as Lola was helping me w/of GH being giant hardware...got that one down. But, I still see often on eBay or online sites the city being referred to as med or large and I think now, that that must be people's own definition of the size of the bag...or something. I just didn't want to order or buy a city, then later find out I got the small one when I could have gotten the large one.
    Ramble, Ramble.
    Thanks for all your help...for taking the time to answer. you too, lola!
  6. You're so welcome mshel! Glad I could help. Yes, you're right that on eBay sellers will refer to sizes using their own terms and it can get confusing. But I also feel less comfortable with sellers who are really clueless about their product and using incorrect terms- I find they tend to be selling fakes. Not that a seller who is really knowledgable is always selling authentic, either. Again, the ladies on the authentication thread can help you out if you're considering a bag- people ask about multiple bags all the time.

    I lurked for a long time as well, before posting. Same as you, I was trying to educate myself so I wasn't asking a bunch of silly questions. Anyways, welcome to the world of bbags- you'll be an expert in no time! :smile:
  7. you're welcome mshel. and don't worry, we are all still learning.