I've run out of wishlist! My LV Lust-List is barren!!! *o*


Jun 24, 2006
Golly. This is a strange feeling, but despite knowing of lots of bags I really like the looks of and would love to own, there is nothing LV right now that I'm utterly craving and actively searching for! :nogood:

It's really odd! I don't think I've done the too-much-too-soon thing and burnt out.. I simply think I've run out of genuine needs, and now that I've been collecting LV for two years the OMG-LV-Lust has died away and I'm not even craving things I don't need! :shrugs:

I think what's happened is that I'm not going away as much as before, and given I don't wear my super-nice bags around town here (I live in a small outback town) I've already a long list of bags waiting their first big trip away and first show-off. I've just received a Palermo PM, a gorgeous bag I adore and am dying to show off, and perhaps because she's perfect for me and really is a keeper I'm not having any desires to get other bags.

Anyway, does anyone else feel like this, or are you all still in the throes of that delicious, decadent BUY, BUY, BUY feeling? I used to be there, but realised today when something I really love (but don't strictly need) came up for sale somewhere, and I just passed it by, whereas a few months ago I'd have already been in negotiations with the seller and have plundered my bank account to pay for it! :sweatdrop:

So it's kind of a liberating, yet still sad, feeling. It's great to not always have that guilt of always paying something off on a payment plan when I could really use the money towards our house renovations, but at the same time I miss the thrill of the chase and the getting of new things! Now I'm more settled in my LV - and other things - collection, I find I'm looking at other brands too. In fact, I just purchased a Hermes Ulysse PM notebook to use as a journal, and a little Hermes raspberry keychain to attach to it. A nice journal is basically the only thing I have left to get, not needing nor wanting another wallet, Agenda, etc. Even though I adore LV agendae I've turned down many recently, baffling myself in the process. The Ulysse was more journal to me though, as I did consider using an LV agenda for that (any excuse!) but the loose leaf paper didn't feel right to use as a private journal. Am trying desperately though not to get sucked over to the Orange Side.. I just can't afford to, in every sense! :lol:

I guess I'm just at that hallowed spot right now that everyone strives to get to, where you have all your HG's and want for nothing.. yet now that I'm here, I feel kinda.. lost! :shrugs:

How bizarre! I shouldn't be.. :shrugs: .., I should be :cloud9:! Maybe I just need to get used to it.... :P
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Mar 17, 2008
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I understand what you feel!! It's like you see it so much that it starts to get a little blah:blah: When that happens to me I usually buy from another brand and then I start to miss LV!! Haha...maybe you just need a break from good ol' Louis!


Jun 24, 2006
I should post what I have for reference. I've bought and sold tons of LV, all tracked through my collection thread linked to in my sig, but my current LV collection is:

  • Damier Koala Agenda - this and the Damier Cles are my wallet, notebook, addresses, etc.DKA
  • Damier Cles - wallet with DKA
  • Damier Agenda GM - my life Agenda, I'd die without this!
  • Congo PM - my small Mono bag!
  • Cerises Porte Monnaie Ronde - charm on Congo PM and sometimes Damier Agenda GM
  • Panda Clefs - charm permanently on Congo PM
  • Damier Deauville Special Order - work and big Damier bag
  • T&B Vernis Keycharm - charm on Deauville and Palermo PM
  • Palermo PM - my big Mono bag!
  • Tikal Pochette - my Mono clutch
  • Vachetta Dragonne - strap for Tikal Pochette

So.. I have a large and small Mono bag, and charms for each.
I have a tiny Mono bag/clutch for night or quick outings.
I have PM Agenda / wallet / notebook / address book and Cles attached as coin purse.
I have a GM Agenda that keeps my life ticking over!
I have a Damier bag that's the perfect work bag and rarer than hens' teeth to boot.
I have a gorgeous Vernis charm to use on either of the big bags.

Well, what else do I need? Nothing! Lol. Le sigh..

I just don't see myself selling one to buy something new, either. The new bags I love - Monogramouflage Trellis, Jasmine, Speedy 35; Watercolour Brown 35 - are worth tons of monty, and I wouldn't use them daily, only for special trips which I don't do much anymore. For around town stuff I rotate randomly dependant upon what I'm wearing and what I feel like carrying between all the non-LV bags in my collection and the Congo PM as my casual LV bag. I don't have Speedys anymore, though they used to be everyday casual bags too. I have billions of non-LV bags:

  • Andrea Brueckner Vegas Bucket Bag in Brown - large rich brown bag
  • Andrea Brueckner Hamptons Weekender in Terracotta - gym bag
  • Chloe Edith Large Messenger in Brun - large dark brown bag
  • Chloe Paddington Flap in Bois - small tan bag
  • Chloe Paddington Hobo in Noir - black hobo bag
  • Marc Jacobs Little Stam in Ivory Patchwork - small pretty cream bag
  • Marc Jacobs Little Stam in Topaz - small pretty turquoise bag
  • Mimco Button Duffle Bag - rainy day grey denim large messenger
  • Mimco Grey Denim rollbag - smaller gym bag
  • Mulberry Roxanne in Plum Antique Glace - med/large plum shiny bag
  • Mulberry Roxanne in Noir Antique Glace - med/large black shiny bag
  • Rebecca Minkoff Morning After Mini in Charcoal / Black Basketweave - grey/black bag
  • Vintage large tan leather messenger bag, for laptop
  • Vintage little ochre leather rollbag, like a handmade Papillon 26!

So, between my LV and non-LV collection, I've kinda run out of 'callings' for new LV items if you see what I mean! :shrugs::P


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Oct 4, 2006
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Awwww Franks, I feel for you.....:heart: I know how you're feeling because it's happened to me with other designers. Okay, they weren't LV, so I never went back (:rolleyes:), but I'm sure this is just a lull in your LV Life.

It does remind me of someone on eBay that's a very trustworthy seller of high-end bags. She's also a member here - and I once asked her "how do you sell so many high-end bags and not go crazy wanting them all?"
She replied with "the only bag that I ever wear or OWN is a Mono Speedy. the love of all the bag buying and selling and wanting just got old...."
And she was so....so.....CONTENT!!!! :shrugs: I remember feeling that it was a really admirable place to be in.......and I wanted to be like her, but I just felt like I wasn't ready.....

I have changed from being constantly wanting more all the time without letting something go....I've been trying to be more like that, but I feel like I'm finishing up my collection soon.....maybe?
I don't need 5 wallets and 17 accessories. I think we have to be thankful for what we do have.......
But again, it's awfully fun hunting for that perfect thing and waiting patiently to pay/buy/save for it......:sweatdrop:

I don't know if I've been ANY help, but rather just rambled, but I guess in a nutshell I want to say that I completely feel how you feel. It's like you lost something and you're feeling a bit lonely........
Hang in Franks. We're here for you......:sos::smooch:


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Jan 26, 2007
I was feeling this way before - I tend to feel this way between seasons, but now I have a couple of things I'd like to buy. However, like you, I'm not feeling the same sense of urgency. I've been collecting LV for about a year and a half now, and like you, the obsession phase has faded and I'm also going through some lifestyle changes where I also won't be going out as often. It is pretty exciting to want something though - I'm sure something is bound to catch your eye!


Jul 4, 2008
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Enjoy what you have and let your bank account enjoy a rest. Pretty soon there will be something that catches your eye. Maybe in a magazine or botique.

I think that this just means that you are content and shopped wisely.


Jan 5, 2007
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Well... LV also makes some nice shoes, especially the show collection ( I don't really care that much for the regular one)... ;)

I'm with you though, I'm not "on a roll" anymore. FOr me, I only need that many bags, and I don't want canvas anymore. Sadly, the LV selection of leathers is not very varied and in general not to my liking. =/


Oct 24, 2006
Perfect time to love your current bags! You have some beautiful bags!

It's always a vicious cycle to get the bag I've waited for only to want another. It's good to not want anything else for a while and just appreciate the stuff in the closet already.


Apr 6, 2008
I wish I had that problem, my wishlist is longer than ever... You do have a lot of bags, so enjoy the ones you have now and that LV love will be back, just wait for the fall releases:graucho:


Jun 19, 2007
What about a pair of LV sunglasses to add to your collection?
Your eyes would thank you :smile:


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Sep 28, 2005
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My LV collection is stalled at thirty items (bags, wallets, scarves, etc etc) and I am happy with that. In fact there are three things I definitely want to sell.

I have eight bags that are all pretty unique. I have four other high end non-LV bags and have sold all of my non-designer handbags. I am trying to keep everything very tight and clean, as it were, having nothing in my closet that I don't *love*.

And I'm happy with it... there is ONE more bag I desire (of course), and I won't know til next week how soon I can acquire it (it's bottega veneta). After I possess her, well I feel like I will be satiated for a good long while. It doesn't leave me with any anxiety at all. In fact I am thrilled that I will be saving up money again.