I've recruited 3 work members to LV!

  1. ...Within 2 days I have turned 3 co-workers onto the Damier Speedy. 2 of them have already ordered 30's from elux and one is just a couple weeks away. I also got one of them to get ahold of an orange perfo cles!

    YAY. Spread the LV love :yahoo:

    Do I get commission???? ha.
  2. Good work! I've done the same thing to my friends...
  3. heehee.. talk about random acts of kindness.. :P

    They're gonna thank you for getting them hooked when they get their lovely new LVs!!! :nuts:
  4. That's my kind of Vuitton fan.. the one set on recruiting others into the cult of Vuitton ! :graucho:

  5. haha thanks. It started by going to the bloomies boutique and the SA was really nice and letting us run rampant around the store with different bags. All of my co-workers are going batty for Damier. :yes: Speedy 30s all around.

    So our day was filled with looking at eluxury and picking out stuff. It's a nice thing to bond with co-workers over.
  6. :graucho: :graucho: :P You should bond your boss or boss' wife over as well, to see it will be painful if not increasing your salary.
  7. haha you are a true LV fan.
  8. That's really nice. I wish I had people that shared my LV obsession.
  9. Great Job!! Spread the LoVe !!!
  10. lol. thats so nice of you.

    damier speedy is my all-time favourite.
  11. Luv the Damier Speedy 30. Great choice :heart: :yes: :heart:
  12. i'm working on mine right now.....at first she thought i was crazy for buying lv...now, she's searching on ebay!!! oh, the power!
  13. u just got me 3 new best friends!
  14. ha ha ha... nice!
  15. Spread the love! Welcome them to the dark side!