I've received my Violet too!

  1. Just got back from DHL and picked her up! The color is gorgeous, with a little red tone in it. But when i opened the bag, I saw that my sales forgot to detach the security tag!!!!! :wtf: it's shipped all the way from Paris and there's no way I'm sending it back to the store to have to removed! What should I do????? :sad: I've already had enough dealings with DHL and the cutoms that I don't want to go through all this again.

    Nevertheless, it's so beautiful and the size is perfect for me (part time). I'll upload photos later when I get home.
  2. Oh that sucks that the tag was left on. Since you have your receipt, I wonder if you can take it to a department store to have it removed?
  3. OMG you poor thing!!

    I have no idea what to say about the security tag.

    Anyway you can remove it yourself??
  4. Perhaps you could phone the store and ask their advice on the tag? You certainly shouldn't have to send it back to them to get it off. I'm sure there's a way to do it yourself, but they might be able to tell you how to do it without damaging the bag.

    I'd be SO bummed! Glad you love your bag though!
  5. AWW, your bag is here, but the security still on?! That's horrible! The only thing I've heard of is to put the tag into the freezer. I know it sounds insane, but I used to work for a large department store and a vendor for the security devices told us that was one way people could get them off at home. I'm not sure what kind of device it is though...and I would NEVER put my Bbag into the freezer. Perhaps your best bet is to call the store and ask for advice...and then take it with shipping and receipt to a local store and have it removed if someplace around you has a compatible removal device. Good luck!
  6. i strongly suggest that you DO NOT attempt to remove the tag. Some are filled with ink and when tampered with, they can explode and cause great damage to your bag. Do you have a magnet at home, try using that to remove the tag.

    I'm glad you got your bag though : )
  7. Take a picture of the security tag and I might be able to help you with advice on removing it. I used to be a retail manager and know how theives removed certain types of senors where I worked. Good luck.
  8. Oh Thanks Kitten, I will do that tonight.

    Thanks everyone for your support. I'm so bummed about this :cry:
  9. oh no thats terrible! how negligent of the store to do that?!!! maybe you could see if you can take it to a nearby store/stockist to take it off for you? like a place your frequently visit who know you well and nice enough to help you remove it? assuming that all security tags are the same of course...

    I'm so sorry this happened to you! what a pain, you got the bag and cant use it (yet)! GOOD LUCK!
  10. How disappointing - the joy of receiving the bag and then not being able to remove an ugly security tag. The advice offered so far seems really good. I hope that a store nearby can help you with your problem.
  11. oh no that's terrible! Okay so maybe I am thinking of the wrong type of security device.. but don't those things leave a hole in the bag???? I once saw a Burberry wallet with a hole in it because they used the security device at the outlet store.
  12. This happened to me a couple of years ago with a Chanel bag. Like you I was quite upset and worried about the possible ink issue. My husband took a plastic bag- like a grocery bag, put the security tag inside of the bag and used a wire cutter to cut it off. It worked perfect. I just HAD to take my new Chanel to Vegas, so I got it off and away we went!!!! Good Luck!!!!
  13. Tell them to send a call tag and have THEM pay for the shipping. Obviously... spend a little time wtih her before you have to send her back.. .but after that.. make sure they free her! lol
  14. Awww.

    I'm so sorry this had happened to you!!!:sad:

    If you had it sent from BalParis, I think you should call up BalNY to see if they use the same security tag. But otherwise, call up where you got the bag from, and HAVE them pay for the shipping back to them and back to you !
  15. dior- i once had BR tags (hard plastic on the outside and metal inside) still attached to my sweater when i got home. i didn't want to bother with bringing it back so i ended up using a pair of garden scissors to cut in between the metal as there was enough room to slip it in between. it might be a bit scary considering a bbag is 1K and damaging it in any way will not be a good idea.

    where did you purchase the bag from? maybe if you provide proof of purchase, maybe a store can remove it for you since sending it back is not an option. good luck!!