i've reached my first goal!

  1. hey girls, i just wanted to share, when i went to my weight watchers meeting this morning, i've reached my first goal! you set an initial goal when you join, and i set mine at 21 pounds, and i had lost 21 even as of this morning :yes:. i'm so excited! i get to set my next goal the next time i go in.

    how is everyone else's progress going?
  2. Congrats Amanda! My progress is a bit slow these days due to stress. I need to get back on track. You're such an inspiration! Keep up the great work!!!
  3. I have lost 31 pounds since last year! But now I think I'ts a bit too much, I don't want to buy new Seven & True Religion jeans. I mean, I was A LOT bigger before, but never ugly really... I don't think it's worth buying new jeans, at least not that expensive one's. So this summer I can eat whatever I want. And that is a treat!! :smile:
  4. Congrats - way to go!!
  5. Amanda that is incredible!! How much time did it take for you to lose 21 pounds? That is such a testiment to your dedication and drive.

  6. Amanda, that is terrific!!!! Congratulations!!!
  7. :party: WOOHOO! Congrats, amanda! That is wonderful! I think it's time to reward yourself with a new bag :graucho:
  8. Awesome! Congratulations! You're well on your way. :flowers:
  9. Great news! Big congrats girl!!
  10. it has taken me since about the end of April/beginning of May. in another week, i should have lost an even 40 pounds since may of last year (50 if you count the 10 i gained back over the winter!)

    and i wish i had money for a new bag to celebrate! maybe some more new sunglasses...
  11. :drinks: woohooo... congrats Amanda... that's a big milestone!
  12. Congratulations Amanda. I love Weight Watchers and I love going to meetings and sharing success stories with others. Everyone there must have celebrated with you because they all have been down that road.
    Keep it up!
  13. Congrats, what an accomplishment!
  14. Amanda!!! That's SO great! Seriously, what a fabulous accomplishment! WTG!:party:
  15. Amanda, your posts are so inspiring. You should be very proud of yourself.

    Sincere congratulations, you're doing so awesome.