i've racked my Hermes pea brain...can u kindly help me??

  1. tia, ladies
    some time ago,
    a lovely Hermes tpf darlin' posted pix of the most adorable practical little infant pouches.
    zip top i believe, vinyl inside.

    other fellow darlins' commented on how great they'd be in our Hermes bags.
    Does anyone remember the name of them and where to buy them?

    oh, thank you,
  2. Pazt posted them in her BJ Vic FT.... HTH
  3. handybags, oh thank you from the bottom of my heart.
    pazt, thank you too!!!!
  4. I have these, too. Pazt totally inspired me to get them. Too cute!

  5. My pleasure Angie :welcome:

    we're so lucky to have Pazt - the guru of mommy style :tup:
  6. thanks guys! they're very handy and soo cute too!
  7. ha ha handybags! yehey, i'm a guru of something now! :roflmfao::woohoo::shame: this forum is full of stylish mommy and i'm getting notes from them! they're cool! :jammin::supacool:

    thank you!
  8. The store has so many cute baby stuff! It's good that the store ships internationally. Maybe I should get a set for myself.
  9. Such a good idea