I've put other bags on hold and changed my spending habits to save up for a spy..

  1. Well..sort of. I can't say for certain I'm going to get the purple spy when it comes out because I don't know what it'll look like in real life, but incase its tdf I decided to put the pradas I wanted on hold and be more careful with my money until *it* comes out!

    Because I don't want to have spent it all on something else when I could have the possible bag of my..dream. Ok, just one dream. I'll be mad if they come out with a nicer shade next winter when I'd already gotten this one D'OH!:push:

    Anyone have crazy stories about what they did for a spy/fendi? I know mine isn't crazy..but thought I'd ask;)
  2. Did you see the pics that Saich put up? It's a really really light purple in colour. Was pretty disappointed.
  3. yeah I did! I was disappointed too but still want to see it in real life. Also want to see the pink one...can't even imagine that! lol Wow this sure is an exciting thread! :nuts::p
  4. Haha... don't worry, we're both in it. ;) Not a fan of the pink. I think a light coloured spy would be easy to get dirty esp since the spy isn't a structured bag and has no base. If you get what I mean...
  5. Kav--I agree that a light colored spy would be too hard for me personally to keep clean, and I'm not careless with my bags, I'm just thinking of the typical day to day (pen marks, sticky kid fingers, etc...)

    KH--I finally lost the 5 lbs I kept after the birth of my DD (4 yrs ago) and rewarded myself w/ a baby spy. I know, not too crazy, but those 5 lbs. were very stubborn!
  6. I love purple but i agree with kav, it was kind of a let down. Hopefully ill get to see IRl though, it may be different :biggrin:
  7. I'm glad you ladies agree. It's not that I am careless with my bags as ssmama said. I am very careful with my bags and I would definitley buy light coloured bags, but with one that is either smaller or that is more structured. Like a Kelly or a Birkin or something . Not that that will be happening any time in the near future!
  8. Adding to that I am glad I got my hands on a Blueberry! Love the purple undertones...
  9. That's true, need to take ms. berry out for a spin! Kav stop showing me that birkin in your avatar:noggin:
    ssmama- congrats on the 5 lbs (the last 5 are so hard!) and the bag!
  10. KH, thanks for the kudos, I'm a little disappointed though, I think I lost 4 lbs in my chest area and 1 lb in my stomach area. :sad:

    And I agree w/ you--Kav, your birkin avatar, combined w/ Meg's purchase, makes me drool and cry at the same time!
  11. Lol... Sorry ladies, I can remove it if you'd like. :p
  12. No, it's gorgeous, definitely an inspiration!!!:tup:
  13. I'm saving for a Spy, too. No more Balenciagas for me. I'd like the sequined Zucca Spy from F/W 07. Hoping it goes on sale in January. Someone here already has it..I think Saich, who called it Mr. Sunsbeam, LOL.

    I would still like to see the lilac Spy IRL. Saich said the photos are a lot lighter than the true color
  14. Oh and I still want the purple sequined one..I dont care if DH and everyone else on this forum hates it..I LOVE IT! Someone give me 5000$!
  15. Kneehighz - I have only seen a picture of the purple LE Zucca, I think its stunning and would love to see it IRL