I've put my balenciaga on ebay - now i need a new bag!

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  1. so ladies, i've put my pewter balenciaga up on ebay (please see the marketplace section once vlad or megs approves my thread) because it just doesn't give me chills anymore, and with my tax return and assuming it sells, i've got some new bag options.

    so, if you had $1700 (firm!) to spend on any new bag out there right now, what would it be? post pics of your choices and help me pick something fabulous! it can be any kind of bag, i've got my basic bags that i need for everyday covered. thanks ladies!
  2. Oooooh! Sound exciting. Thats a good amout of cash to get something really cute. Let me think a couple of minutes. I'll come up with something.

  3. :idea: let me think...but first.. which bags do you already have and what is your style.. do you want classic or trendy?
  4. Not sure how ya'll feel about Luella...and it's pretty casual. But yum. Even nicer in person. Sigh!

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  5. Here's an idea ..... you could save a little more and get a BV ball bag or you could save even more and get a Fendi Spy ..... I'm not helping, am I???
  6. my collection is small, i have a speedy, my IF audra, a prada, that balenciaga and a couple of small pieces, so i'm open to almost anything. i prefer classic over trendy, but i'm not opposed to something trendy so long as it won't be obviously over in a year (for example, i'd be open to a paddington - it's a beautiful leather bag, not something gimicky). one stipulation: no brown! i have enough brown, even though i always think every bag looks loveliest in brown!

    thanks for your help, girls!
  7. :amazed: you're selling your b-bag? :cry: amanda if i had the funds right now, i'd SO buy it (even though its not a turqouise or magenta) but still its a beautiful bag and colour!

    good luck with the eBay thing!!! whats next? :amuse:
  8. i know, i know...the thing is, i have these crazy, fleeting urges for these bags, and usually they go away because the opportunity to buy and the means (read: cash) don't coincide with the fleeting urge, but for this b-bag, all three came together (in a bag 'perfect storm' if you will) and now i realize that there are other bags out there that i would love more (and more permanently) for the money.

    and i have no idea what's next! that's the exciting part :biggrin:
  9. a Chanel! I'm sure you can get one from personalshoppers or someone for under $1700.