I've ordered my Woven Gryson

  1. Any Gryson Lovers out there??? I finally caved in and ordered my Skye Woven in Blue Jean Color. I was lucky enough to get the last one and also get 200 off with the code SANGRIA.

    Does anyone have a Woven bag? The SA at Shoptwigs assured me the bag is blue and not grey but probably more accurately a Steel Blue. The plain leathered Blue Jean bags tend to look very grey. Anyone have any info? I have my Skye in Chocolate so I know I will adore it. The only negative is the handles on the woven aren't that lovely springy woven handles. I am looking to add color to my closet. I know blue is still neutral and bot far from brown and black but I am moving in baby steps. LOL
    Here is the bag I bought...

  2. gorgeous! enjoy! i saw the denim color in bloomingdale's a few weeks ago and to me it looked like a steel blue...hope that helps!
  3. gorgeous, gorgeous bag. when do you get it? post modeling pix. do tell us if it is heavier than regular skye. so, you find the skye is a good size? do tell.
  4. I've watched that bag..it's absolutely love. Congrats, Lexie! I hope you adore it!
  5. Love the looks of that bag....I'd love to see pics when it arrives :smile:
  6. So jealous of you, Lexie! Congrats, this is a lovely bag! Please post pics when it comes :smile:
  7. I just ordered last night and the nice lady at Shoptwigs emailed me this morning telling me it shipped. Great customer service. There is no doubt that I'll love the bag since I 've had my Skye for over a year...and I sold my Chocolate Skye to a friend who's been wanting it so I don't feel too bad about the purchase.

    I am assuming the woven leather is going to add some weight but that won't bother me. And if there is any reason I am unhappy she said I can return it, but I don't see that happening. I should have it Wedensday and you can be sure I will post pics.

    The Skye is a great sized bag. One of those deceptive ones that look small but can hold loads. And if you open the side snaps, it really is alot bigger.

    I knew they were coming out with an Indigo color in the Fall but I have always lusted after this blue jean color so I decided to do it now in case the Fall prices increased. I have no sadness selling my other Skye. I don't need two of the same bag. I just wanted color. And then I have my beloved Tate too. Gryson is awesome.
  8. It's out of stock already! You rocked that bag!
  9. I know....I am glad I bought it when I did. I saw it was gone from the site and I got the last one. That is the only blue jean woven available anywhere. I googled it to death. They do have some pretty natural ones though.
  10. So pretty! I love the color combination.
  11. That is a gorgeous bag! Enjoy her!!
  12. Oh, Lexie! That's a beauty. I see that you're branching out from Koobas...what a great choice. Love that bag!