I've only had this bag a month.... Help please

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  1. Hey ladies, one of the reasons I bought this bag was because I thought I wouldn't have to baby it much. I've worn it maybe three times now. Anyways, today I was admiring it when I saw this......

    ImageUploadedByPurseForum1459635190.538458.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1459635208.410299.jpg

    ImageUploadedByPurseForum1459635260.621078.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1459635275.863127.jpg

    I'm so sad right now! There are a few white scuffs that I don't really care about, but that tear makes me so upset. Do you ladies have any suggestions about what can be done for it? I'm pretty sure this isn't what's considered a quality control issue. I haven't contacted my SA for help yet, but will in a few days for her input as well.

    -it's the glazed calfskin iridescent boy
  2. My best advice would be to take it back -- the Chanel Spa takes ages, but it's worth it -- I think that you get a year of free repair (or maybe longer, anyone??), and they've always done a good job with my stuff ... What a bummer, though!!
  3. Wow so sad that it happened to you. I had similar issue but mine was a small speck of mark . Hopefully you can return for a new one. Keep us posed
  4. Hurts when we damage a bag :sad:
    Looks like it got banged on something and it tore the leather. I'd ask them what could be done.
  5. Sorry to hear this

    But it looks like leather is torn

    This is patent leather so I don't think Chanel can do much but won't hurt to ask
  6. Thanks ladies, I took it to the store today and my SA is sending it in for repair. We are hoping they will be able to fix it (and hopefully for free since I just got it). My SA and I are hoping for both!
  7. Also, I asked someone in the repair department a while ago about repairing patent, and I was told they could depending on the damage.
  8. Oh this good news then!!! My SA always tells me that patent is non repairable but maybe your situation is totally different and they can fix it.. Its a beautiful bag :smile:
  9. Hey ladies, just wanted to give a quick update. Chanel not only repaired my patent bag, they also got rid of a small color transfer stain and did it all for free. I'm so happy!!
  10. YAY!!!! so happy for you!!! you got your bag back already?!
  11. patent leather is not repairable when it gets scuffs and color transfer marks. the bag cannot be redyed and the marks are there to stay. a small tear in the fabric could likely be glued or reglazed, depending on where the location is. she's lucky hers is towards the bottom end. so your SA is right, mostly
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    Last edited: May 7, 2016
    Yes! It only took a few weeks :biggrin: My SA sent it to New York if I'm not mistaken.

    This isn't entirely true. My patent bag had small scuffs and/or a small bit of transfer. Someone recommend Vaseline in another thread for patent louboutins, and the trick worked for my shoes and this bag. As well as, a few weeks ago another Chanel patent owner made a thread about getting rid of her transfer with vaseline. I did leave a few small marks when I sent my chanel in for repair and my bag returned looking brand new without the scuffs. So some scuffs and transfer can be removed, however, I'm not saying all.

    The portion that was torn appears to be glued and then reglazed; maybe 65 percent of the bottom where the tear was has a slightly different (yet unnoticeable) new coating.
  13. I am so happy for you!!!! Congrats
  14. I'd take it back to Chanel and send it off to the Spa. A spa visit at Chanel is usually free for the first year so send it away to get freshened up!
  15. Just saw that your bag got fixed! SO happy for you!