I've only had my bag for

  1. not even two weeks and I swear the vachetta is changing a little. Not a whole lot but I can tell! am I just being strange?:confused1:
  2. It changes slowly, and yes, if you are in tune, you can see it change right before you eyes!
  3. If you use it everyday it's bound to change very quickly.
  4. Mine changes quickly. I can see a difference after using my bag after a week during the Summer as it is hot!
  5. cool I thought maybe I was trippin or something. I haven't had it very long!!
  6. We're all trippin on LV!
  7. lol
  8. I have had mine for a month and I see a change too. Kind of makes me sad...my baby is growing up. Sigh.
  9. that sounds about right. patina on my speedy developed quickly up to a certain point then seemed to have slowed down (as it got darker harder to tell i guess).
  10. I purchased my bag this past Monday and I will be glad to see the patina. I don't like the pale vachetta.
  11. I kind of like the new vachetta. But I don't like how "new" it looks. I think I will be happy when it turns that nice honey color. I am terrified of it turning too dark though.