I've officially lost my mind!

  1. My mouse is one of those with all the programmable buttons.

    I've programmed them to open webpages, so with a click of a certain button I get:

    1. LV Purse Forum (here!)
    2. eBay - check eBay for Louis Vuitton Miroir (newest listings first)
    3. eBay - check eBay for Louis Vuitton Suhali (newest listings first)
    4. Let-Trade

    I feel like such a dork! :shame:
  2. Wow! That's one cool mouse!!
  3. Haha. That's not dorky at all.
    TPF and ebay are the first sites I check after checking my mail. I've been in L.A. since Saturday afternoon and can't believe all I've missed here!!
  4. thats sad....

    haha jk!

    im so with u

    I have ebay, let-trade, lv.com, elux, and tpf all on my favorites so i can just click right to them :smile: i visit ehhhh 2340213470 times a day
  5. Hey, I'm with ya sister! I have programmed my new IE 7.0 to open a Tab Group that includes Purse Forum, Let-Trade, Jemznjewels, and Luxury-Shops.com. I have given up on eBay.

  6. Haha, I've started to check tpf before I check the news now. That's really weird for me, but I guess I'm starting to become addicted :shame:
  7. ME TOO! I used to check news and e-mail, now I'm all over purse sites and MIGHT check news maybe a couple times a week. Still pretty good at the e-mail, though.
  8. Hehe, thats too cute. I check email, here, elux, my ebay listing, then here again. lol.

    and welcome back Lvbabydoll! :heart:
  9. It turns into a vicious circle and I end up spending all day online.

    I'll start here and read everything. Then I'll go to eBay and check everything. By the time I'm done with eBay, I figure there might be new posts here, so I come back. Then, I figure there might be new eBay listings, so I go back there. It goes back and forth all day! LOL
  10. Amen. I usually starts out on tPF and spends anything from a couple of minutes to an hour here, then I check the news and then I check my myspace. I use a mail client, and since I dualscreen, I can read my mail at the same time as I'm on tPF. I know, it's really dorky:shame:
  11. That's cute, I tend to go to those pages too everyday.
  12. :lol::lol: It's a real bad habit!
  13. Aww thanks lol. I'm having fun catching up!
  14. if it makes you feel any better, i was real tempted to have my homepage set to let-trades website! :p
  15. When TPF is my homepage I will know that I have lost my mind....I know that I am almost there because I can't even remember the name of the websites I used to visit every day before I found TPF.